Almond nail shape: best designs 2022


Almond-shaped nails are considered one of the most accurate and refined. In addition to the convenience in wearing, the rounded nail plate in the right design can look both elegant and refined, as well as catchy and extravagant.

That’s why the fashion trends 2022 don’t bypass the almond shape of the nails and open to the users the widest range of variants of its decoration.

Daily visits to an office or university auditorium involve some restraint in choosing a manicure solution. The well-established tone base and unobtrusive presence of light decorative elements are ideal for everyday almond manicure:

  • almonds in a warm color range – the best option for such a nail formation in the business style is the use of cream, beige, brown, coffee color qualities of the base coating; glossy or matte gel nail polish and shellac is perfect for this role, while you can play with the transition from one color to another, coloring different nails with different shades of one tone group;
  • refined lunar – is considered quite successful in keeping the parallel between the lines of rounded moons in the root zone of the nails and the lines of cut at the end. It is important to leave the moon in its original transparent form, and to paint the main area of the nail surface with some unobtrusive monochrome. Pointing of single rhinestones at each upper point of the transparent lunule will help to add a highlight to the image;
  • marble nail design is a great solution for choosing manicure, which attractively frames the handles of its owner, both when modeling on short nails and when forming a marble imitation on long nails. It is actual in 2022 to use white or dusty grey base coating with thin black cracks or to use purple-black, white-blue, muddy pink color of marble.

The described nail shape itself is quite elegant and aesthetically appealing. But the world of manicure industry is full of all sorts of beauties, which can not only decorate the nature of the rounded shape of the nail plate, but also complement the truly elegant female image. And the brightest models in this direction open to the lovers of refinement and sophistication of the photo novelty 2022:

  • The snow-white design with pearls – white color, embodying purity, freshness, neatness and nobility, as well as almond nail plate. The overall aesthetic beauty of the image is completed by a scattering of different-caliber pearls on all the nails or only some parts of it; this kind of design will be suitable not only for a special occasion, where it is necessary to maintain an elegant appearance, but also will be appropriate for a wedding event;
  • mid-peak edge – very often modern nail art includes the creation on the prepainted monochrome surface of the nail of the mid-peak geometric shape, extended at the root zone and narrowing to the cut line. This kind of accent looks very harmonious, made in silver on the basis of a cold shade or in gold in case of using warm tones of the main covering;
  • painted design – nowadays it is quite fashionable to carry out abstraction on one or several separate nails with a pattern in the form of bright black monograms in the oriental manner on top of the light base. Due to the contrast and play of opposites as color solutions, this design looks aristocratic and fashionable.

And yet, the best ideas of the season’s almond design are represented by a vividly ornate expressive decor. It is not surprising, because only shimmering solemn elements of nail decoration can attract public attention in such a way as it is impossible to implement an ordinary gel cover:

  • Rhinestone decoration – separated by a mid-range white stone lining on a black background, a diagonally dotted nail plate surface, or a completely covered with rhinestones nail bed – in any manner of arrangement of different-caliber light stones on a dark background, such almond manicure will look simply brilliant. Here you can play with flowers and change, for example, the base from dark to light, and rhinestones from white to black. The effect will be stunning in any case;
  • broken glass – another exciting manicure, mesmerizing with the magical shimmering of imitation silver or gold glass fragments of foil on a glossy black base coating;
  • brocade french – an amazing tendency to decorate the volume painting on the matt surface of almond-shaped marigolds in expensive aristocratic colors looks especially smart. Framed with convex brocade monograms, the smile of French manicure looks quite presentable and bourgeois.

Almond French Nails: Best ideas of season 2022

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