Black nail art designs: new photos 2022

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Magic of black color beckons with the beauty of its depth and mystery. Black manicure is not the first season relevant among modern fashionistas and is in great demand among lovers of extravagant nail decor. 

Fashion trends 2022 also predict the isolation of black and black in combination with other colorful shades and catchy decoration elements.

What will be the best nail design using a tarry shade? What photo novelties are presented today by open spaces of the Internet space? And what are the best ideas of 2022 featured in the lists of top designs using coal manicure?

The isolated black color looks elegant without additional color impurities. The most popular types of resin coating of marigolds are expressed in the following samples:

  • glossy moonlight – there is nothing more expressive, neat and sophisticated than the natural color of the moonfish and glossy shellac left in a transparent pristine form as the main coating; especially successfully apply such a manicure on short nails;
  • a matte glossy jacket is also an amazing combination of a muddy dusty base color of the main coating and bright black smiles of French manicure shining with gloss. This technique of applying French is not used for the first year, but it is so in demand today that it predicts to remain at the peak of relevance in the coming seasons;
  • effect of dew on the nails – another composition in the resin combination of mat and gloss. Presented in the form of a matte black basecoat and dotted droplets of droplets placed on it in the form of morning dew. The role of dew in this case is played by crystal clear gel polish – the effect is very extraordinary and interesting, especially if it is applied to long nails;
  • design with broths – a charcoal-colored coating of nails as a base and individual detachment of the fingernail of the ring finger and (or) the middle by completely filling its surface with small black balls in the form of broths looks rather aristocratic and consistent. This design looks impressive and attractive.

Black nail polish: what’s new in season 2022? New pictures!  

Probably, there is nothing more noble, refined, aristocratically expensive looking than a black and gold combination of colors. Black manicure with gold looks so elegant, elegant, high quality that it is quite difficult to choose an alternative to such a color combination. The upcoming season 2022 portends the popularization of the following nail designs using the described color mix:

  • black and gold ombre – the neatly shaded golden rub on the resin glossy finish of the base looks incredibly beautiful. You can use glitter or shimmer as a material – this will only emphasize the brilliance and radiance of the alluring graduated transition from blue to shimmering gold;
  • linear jacket – provides for a glossy or matte surface of coal color taken as a basis and straight lines of an adhesive gold tape applied over it. A distinctive feature of such a simulated french jacket is that smiles do not stand out in a specific color, but are simply distinguished by a straight, unusually smooth line of the gold rim. The result is an amazing luxurious manicure;
  • mirror manicure – perhaps the most popular, most desired and beloved by all girls design move, embodying luxury, aesthetics, beauty and high cost. The unique combination of mirror reflection of gold foil or rubbed together with a glossy and matte coating of resin color is admired even by the strong half of humanity and attracts public attention like a magnet.

Black and White nail art designs: manicure photos and trends 2022

A collage of two opposite colors was not left unattended in the coming 2022. The best manicure ideas are expressed by the following variations of black and white coating:

  • chess luggage – a win-win option created by paints or strains in the form of adhesive ornamental blanks. It always looks stylish, fashionable, exquisite;
  • pea scattering – it is beautiful both in black and white, and in white and black. At the same time, you can vary on different fingernails different tones of stems and peas – the effect in any form will be nice and attractive;
  • striped manicure – a stylish solution for today, reflected in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal parallel following of black and white lines on the nail canvas.

Black nails with designs: glitter, rhinestones, painting. Trends 2022

For all its expressiveness and excellent compatibility with other colors, black can be expressively expressed, and non-standardly catchy and boldly shocking:

  • black with rhinestones – lovers of extravagance and catchiness in the image often use dense laying of stones of shiny transparent color and resinous-black shade of rhinestones interspersed on long nails. At the same time, the stones can be both large-caliber and small – in any variation, such a manicure, saturated with flickering stones, quite a throw and provoking;
  • black with a thematic pattern – prosaic abstract paintings on nails (especially on stylets and peaks) in a deep black base and white or other color strokes in the mehendi style look extraordinary and unusual, but quite attractive and interesting. Such a manicure will not be made by everyone, but this is a rather bold decision, which speaks for its owner for itself;
  • black with red – a rather flashy version of manicure is an imitation of red bloody streaks with pronounced volumetric drops reconstituted with red gel, on a dark charcoal-based glossy finish. Such a manicure is ideal for a celebration of all dark forces (Halloween) or for a shocking stylistic party.
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