Ideas and shades of blue manicure 2022

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Modern women are often fascinated by bright colors – they are alien to boredom and monotony, they are in an eternal search for originality, extravagance, the ability to stand out from the gray mass and present themselves in the most favorable light.

That is why the race of designers for fabric and fashion know-how in clothing, shoes, accessories will never stop – trendy models will continue to appear daily on the new fashion catwalks of the world.

The same applies to manicure – the current nail industry furrowing the vastness of the beauty service and is improving daily through the appearance of new and interesting variations of nail decoration, dictated by the desires and aspirations of women.

Light blue nails: trendy ideas and nail art designs of season 2022

Fashion trends 2022 is one of the places of honor in the trend solutions of nail service leave for blue manicure. It is this nail design will be at the peak of popularity, as stated in the photo novelties and video reviews of most Internet forums of artistic nail skills. Why light blue?

First of all: this color is incredibly rich, to some extent even catchy, but really noble – its cold tonality attracts many fans of beautiful nail design with its temperamental and aristocratic color endurance.

Secondly: light blue is a universal tone, it can be abstracted both in the background of the sea abyss, and in the blink of a snow swirl – that is, it is always associated with something.

And what can be more important than finding meaning in things that do not seem to carry a semantic load? Blue manicure is always interesting to consider, so it is no wonder that in 2022 it will be successfully in active demand among fashionistas.

Dark and Navy blue nails: ideas and art designs 2022

The trendy dark and navy blue manicure on the short and extended nail plate is perfectly reflected in the following design variations:

  • double-layered shellac – blue manicure with such a base belongs to those which, without auxiliary elements of nail art aesthetics, look great on the nails and with its amazing gloss tints shade everything around, drawing attention to its intense colorful pigment;
  • matte gel nail polish is an alternative to the glossy shellac, which in its separate form will be fashionable in the coming season and is already very popular among many girls. Everyone already knows about the priority positive sides of the matte coating, so it is not surprising that the velvety surface combined with a dark blue shade of gel nail polish on short nails delightfully outlines the clear lines of manicure boundaries and amazes with its elegant aging;
  • marble blue – it is quite unusual and interesting to look on short nails the effect of light stripes in their different branches on a dark blue background: in addition to the relevance of such a marble color, this nail design is associated with the far north, where under the blocks of cracked multi-meter thickness of white ice moves dark blue waters of the Arctic Ocean;
  • broken glass – a bright combination is considered to be cold blue-black or its lighter bluish shades as a background with pieces of chaotically scattered pointed foil of the same cold silver tonality. The effect of broken glass in fashion is not the first season, and along with the blue background it will continue to plow the vastness of the beauty industry in the coming seasons;
  • the blue in cat’s eye style – not only the deep emerald looks perfect for this design on the natural length of the nail plate. Quite interesting and unusually shimmering is the glare of a light strip of cat’s eye on a dark sapphire background, associating the fascinating look of a wild cat.

Electric blue nails: ideas and photos of nail art designs 2022

Designs for long and short nail plate using electric blue color, which is in the trend of this season:

  • sapphire French – the best ideas for a French manicure using this shade are represented by a glitter in the form of a shimmer or glitter on the line of a smile; often the background remains transparent, so that all attention is attracted to the shimmering highlights of sapphire French manicure; 
  • Ultramarine electric Aquarium – an incredible design, embodying a three-dimensional image of the magnificence of the sea depth and its inhabitants, laid out under a transparent gel on a pre-prepared blue base;
  • manicure with rhinestones – very often, when designing for long fingernails, girls strive for a pronounced but laconic variation of manicure. That’s why one of the favorite variants is a separate monochrome covering of all nails in dark blue color with framing of the ring finger plate with two parallel vertical lines, recreated by means of white rhinestones lining – at the same time the effect is aesthetically complete and elegant in the evening.
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