Burgundy nail color: latest trends 2022

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The manicure fashion changes in the same way as the fashion for things, music, hair and the like. Every year girls follow the works of leading manicure masters to understand what will be in the trend of this year. So, it was noticed that in 2022 will be in the trend of manicure using burgundy color. The color of burgundy looks aristocratic and restrained. In this case, this color has many shades, one of which will fit exactly every girl.

The burgundy color is quite conservative and therefore it can be used by both young girls and women of age. Bordeaux color is suitable for everyday manicure and for festive manicures, thanks to its color that doesn’t cause any problems. 

This color appeared after the fusion of red and brown colors. And depending on the amount of this or that color there are new shades of Bordeaux color. The most popular shades are pomegranate, wine, plum and the color of ripe cherries. All these shades are often used to create nail designs.

For an evening or other festive manicure, the best idea would be a design such as cat’s eye. In 2022 this design will return its popularity and will become relevant. Fashion trends suggest that cat’s eye looks best on short nails. 

The design of cat’s eye is a shining stripe on the nail diagonally. This stripe is created by the metal particles in gel nail polish, which are collected by a special magnet. Usually, the nail is not decorated with anything further, but some girls have invented a beautiful pattern on the nails. 

Most often, the geometrical pattern is chosen. In addition, sometimes the design of the cat’s eye is combined with rhinestones. When laying the rhinestones should not put them very much, otherwise the shine will be too much, and everything will merge. It is best to pick up a few small rhinestones and decorate with them, for example, a hole near the base of the nail.

Manicure with burgundy nail polish: interesting ideas 2022

The burgundy color is also used to create French manicure. French is best done on long nails. In this case, the french will be much more visible and your manicure will not remain invisible. French manicure with burgundy color can be made glossy or matte. 

Matte even will be much more interesting to look at. If you want to add other colors to your french, you can make a manicure with a different color pattern. The best way is to combine burgundy with other noble colors such as gold, silver or metallic. A manicure with such a combination can be rightly called royal, as it will combine the most noble and elegant colors. 

In any design, the combination of bordeaux and gold looks winning. Such manicure is perfect for solemn events, where a girl should look amazing. The length and shape of the nails can be any, although girls make themselves fashionable in 2022 oval form of nails.

The trendy length of this year is medium or short. When using a matte shade of burgundy, another color will stand out and shine beautifully on the nails. Such a color will look beautiful in any technique.

Matte burgundy nails: beautiful ideas 2022

The nails covered with burgundy color are very beautiful and interesting to look drawings. Drawings can be of different styles. Judging by the photo novelties, in 2022 will be in fashion floral drawings. Will look good flowers of light shades, painted in watercolor technique. In addition to flower motifs can be used in the design of nails geometry. 

It will be enough to have one or more lines on the nail to make the manicure shine with new colors. And if you make the base matte and create a line with a glossy tape of beautiful color, the nails will look very colorful and bright. In addition to the pictures on the nails, you can use small stickers-sliders, which will complement the manicure with a colorful image. 

And in order not to spoil such a beautiful manicure within 2-3 days, you should do a manicure with shellac, which will hold much longer and stronger. But after creating a manicure with this nail polish, you should do everything carefully to prevent damage and blows to the nail plate. In addition, shellac protects the nails from the effects of various household chemicals.

Burgundy manicure with rhinestones: photo-versions of decoration

The use of rhinestones in nail decoration in 2022 will remain relevant and often used way to add glitter to the nails. Manicure with rhinestones is best suited for festive occasions, rather than for everyday wear. Rhinestones for manicure with burgundy cover is better to choose a clear classic color or beige. 

Other colors of rhinestonescan ruin the design. Also, the stones differ in size and shape. If previously only small rhinestones were used, now nail service masters actively use stones of different sizes, from the smallest to quite massive. Rhinestones can be used to lay out a small pattern on the nails or make a chaotic spread.

In addition to the abovementioned matching colors, there is another color that is in harmony with the burgundy color. The black color is quite bright, no matter how strange it may sound. This color strongly attracts the attention of others. In combination with burgundy, black starts to play with new colors.

Burgundy nail design 2022: other options of nail art 

A beautiful idea would be an ombra of these colors. You can make an amber on each finger separately, and on all nails together. For this purpose, several shades of burgundy are chosen and the nails are already painted with them. The effect will be really wow. 

Despite the fact that the colors are rather dark, the manicure with their use will decorate your hands. But for this design it is necessary to have an ideal manicure. With these colors, any lack of manicure will be strongly noticeable.

In 2022 manicure with shades of burgundy color will be very popular and colorful. Such a manicure is relevant, because it can be worn at any time of year, at any event – it will look appropriate always. The plus of the burgundy manicure is that if created correctly, it looks elegant, sophisticated and delicate.

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