Chrome nail art trends 2022


The world of nail service and nail art daily adds to the arsenal of all kinds of know-how in the nail industry. Fashion trends of our time provoke masters to create more and more universal and improved types of designs and nail decoration.

Such actual types of coating as gel-lacquer and shellac simply blew up the world community and made more than half of women turn to this new-fashioned kind of manicure art. And its various branches and additions of decoration elements admire its diversity and versatility. 

Not the last place in this chain is occupied by such a unique type of nail plate decoration as a mirror manicure. This nail design appeared relatively recently, but has already gained huge popularity and is one of the most popular on the eve of the coming season 2022.

It is not surprising: the gorgeous shine and delightful shine of the nails, which are subject to treatment with a mirror effect, amaze with their beauty and originality. And the glossy surface plays with aristocratic flares and amazingly reflects the environment.

Mirror manicure looks so flawless and impressive that the technique of its execution seems incredibly difficult. To the surprise of the uninitiated masters of nail service assure that the technique of using a powdered shiny pigment, which is most often called powder, is quite affordable for those who want to perform a mirror coating of their nails. 

What do you need to know about the properties and capabilities of one of the main trends of the nail service 2022:

  • the most important and decisive condition for success is a perfectly polished surface of the nail plate. Any errors or imperfections in the preparatory treatment are unacceptable. Perfect mirror nails should simulate the properties of the mirror as accurately as possible (see photo for examples).
  • mirror nails require quality material, do not rely on ordinary varnish. The maximum strength and phenomenal effect in working with mirror powder can be achieved by using a gel lacquer and shellac.
  • nail design 2022 actively uses a mirror manicure in combination with other types of manicure and techniques of decoration of nail plates. 
  • nail polish based on the tiniest shiny powder particles can be of any shade, it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner. Admire the latest developments in the manner of “May bug” (also known as “chameleon”), made in a dark range of purple-green shimmering and shining. The name comes from an easily guessed resemblance to the shell of the Mayan beetle. This variant looks very elegant. 
  • in the trend, the manicure with rubbing in combination with a matte manicure that echoes the shade of color from the reflections of the reflective surface.
  • the summer design offers a positive variant in which the nails with grout are covered with different bright lacquers of blooming summer.
  • the photo novelties placed in the section present for comparison the possibilities and effect of sequin coatings or monochrome manicure (for example, red manicure):

Chrome nail art designs “metallic”: manicure ideas 2022

Direct associations with the shine of metal are not deceived, metal manicure has a very large resemblance to this material. Despite the somewhat hard name, metal nail polish looks very feminine and stylish on women’s nails. Moreover, this coating is perfectly combined with rings and bracelets on your hands. The new design of the nails with a metal imitation of the metal in 2022 shows the increased demand for nail service. In the fashionable lineup, representing a beautiful manicure 2022, manicure with insertion is represented by fascinating novelties:

  • the metallic manicure is not limited by the conventions of seasonality, it is appropriate at any time of year. 
  • the prevailing colors are similar to the natural color of the metal, less often the specific effect is transferred to the rings, which are not characteristic of this material. Black manicure creates a stunning effect.
  • metal manicure fits perfectly with marble manicure, creating a dull duo of natural materials.
  • novelties with photos illustrate the possibility of combining metallic reflection with a matte texture, glitter-coated nails, with a contrasting color gel lacquer. 
  • the additional decoration of metal surface with rhinestones, stones, pearls gives a stunning effect.

Pearl manicure (pearl chrome nails): photos 2022

The aesthetics of women’s hands are definitely welcomed fashion trends, the priority of which is naturalness and tenderness of images. This is how the manicure with pearl rub is characterized. Soft, pleasant glow in nude shades successfully uses the design of nails spring-summer 2022, and the choice of cool and cold shades of white and pale blue will decorate the winter manicure. The novelties of the season 2022 presented several interesting ideas:

  • pearl nail polish is made on pearl white, pearl pink, pale pink, pale blue, light beige, soft coral base.
  • blurred, vague glow makes the shade deeper. The gloss and charm radiates a white manicure with pearly hints of plaque.
  • very close in style to pearl is considered a holographic nail rub; the only difference is the palette used. The hologram uses all the colors of the rainbow in the mysterious shimmering; some specialists of nail design call it the rainbow grout.
  • the manicure with pearl coating looks expensive and stylish, and does not impose any special requirements to the overall look of the owner. No matter how her plans change during the day, the universal nail polish will be appropriate in the office, in the audience, at the exhibition, buffet and evening reception.
  • pearl nail grout is loyal to the length and shape of the nail plates, it looks cute and charming on short nails. Manicure for long nails maximally conveys the hypnotic glow and shimmering color shimmer.
  • the pearl design of the nails is perfectly combined with the means of additional decoration. Thin patterned paintings, rhinestones, drawings, dotted manner of nail decoration look winning and harmonious. Examples on the photo:

Glossy manicure “mirror nails” 2022 with design

This section is full of photos, which illustrate the mirror nails with design. The focus of fashion on restraint and conciseness retreats when it comes to especially solemn and festive occasions in the life of each of us. The desire to have a fairy-beautiful, impressive nail design on a special day perfectly realizes the mirror manicure, decorated with the means of the most fashionable in 2022 arsenal of nail art:

  • nail polish mirror shine is successfully used by designers as a basic coating for the decor. In the vast majority of cases, the ring finger is decorated. Decorations with broths, rhinestones, stones, foil patterns, drawings turn a manicure into a festive, enchanting idea.
  • glossy manicure with reflective and metallic plaque looks stylish in combination with marble and matte coating of one of the nails. 
  • imitation of a mirror surface originally decorates the lunar manicure with rhinestones in wells. 
  • mirror nails with complex decor, including several materials and techniques will perfectly suit long nails. For the decoration for short nails choose small rhinestones, mainly placing them at the depth of the holes.
  • the variants in which the colored mirror nail lacquer is the basic one, the decoration or pattern application is very often done on a nail plate coated with transparent gel lacquer. The intricate fine pattern or pattern with the tiniest rhinestones look particularly elegant and charming.
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