Coffin (Ballerina) nails: best ideas 2022


The exquisite and luxurious name fully corresponds to the feminine, sophisticated images of nail art on ballet nails. In our imagination, the shape of ballerina nails is easily associated with the pointe shoes of thin and graceful ballerinas. It is this romantic and sublime mood nail designer and seek to recreate in the current manicure novelties for the 2022 season. Ballerina manicure ideas are extremely variable and easily pick up the most fashionable trends in the art of manicure creation.

The publication in Nail-Art-Designs is accompanied by unique photo trends 2022, which illustrate the variety of trend colors and stunningly beautiful nail design ballerina. 

Ballerina/coffin shape nail design: photo, fashion trends 2022

Under the beautiful name “ballerina manicure” nail service specialists mean a peculiar combination of almond-shaped and square shapes of nail plates. A more pragmatic and practical look will see in this form a rhombus with a horizontally cut sharp angle. Artists-designers and fashionistas, subtly perceiving associations, see the nails ballerina from the angle of the art of ballet. It is possible to perceive this form in different ways, but it is impossible to deny its beauty, originality and style.

Taking into account that the review contains voluminous material and a large number of photos of manicure models, in the performance of which the form of ballerina nails is used, the material has subsections presenting novelties in different techniques and manners of decoration. This will allow our readers to save time in searching for 2022 novelties of the style of interest:

  • Coffin nail shape in nude and pastel style

The stylishness of the ballerina nail look is impossible without the harmony of shape and color. As for the shape, despite the fact that fashion has focused on medium and short nails, this season it is not categorical and welcomes really interesting ideas on long nails as well.

The ballerina embodies the most natural and sophisticated images in nude and pastel colors. On pointe (another name for the ballerina shape) look perfect: beige, delicate shades of pink, white and pearl gray. Muted by the domestication of white, pastel color range perfectly conveys the mood of gentle and graceful images. Fashion critics recognize the effect of light and unobtrusive decoration of nude and pastel style nails.

  • Monochrome finishes on coffin nails

Monochrome color finishes are trending, as well as a combination of glossy and matte surfaces in the same color in the same image. The restraint and aristocracy of the ballerina shape on long nails is beautifully emphasized by the monochrome color solution. Monochrome red, white, black coatings and many more shades of polish (their choice depends on your taste) with a glossy sheen or a calm, moderate matte texture look spectacular on the ballet manicure form. A beautiful monochrome manicure on the form of a ballerina does an excellent job of decorating women’s nails without additional decor.

  • French manicure on Ballerina nails

Fashionable look, styling, appropriate makeup, as well as flawless manicure show a woman’s style, her understanding of fashion trends and the manner of self-expression. As practice shows, french is the best way to become a harmonious part of a woman’s fashionable look. Presented in the article French novelties show a fashionable twist: the smile line is significantly reduced, starts from the middle of the nail plate, and has a sharp angle, directed to the free edge of the nail. A very interesting design solution was to decorate the top of this sharp triangle with tiny stones, rhinestones.

In the trend are two-color French lines, closing on the top of the pointe shape, as well as a smile French, made with gold or silver polish. It’s hard to look away from white french with crystal sprinkles. Frenches in the ombré technique are not losing their popularity. 

  • Design with pattern

The form, reminiscent of ballet pointe in the hands of masters of nail art has become a great platform for design with a drawing. The theme of drawings on nail extensions does not cease to amaze by its variety. The charm and tenderness of female hands will emphasize the pictures with flowers, tracery patterns, monograms, geometry and fascinating abstraction. In the gallery of photo-novelties of the season, accompanying the article, there are beautiful examples, combining drawing and molding of flowers, relief gel transparent drops.

  • Marble on the coffin nails

Coffin manicure, which strives for minimalism, clarity, moderation and naturalness, imitation marble on the nails perceived as a completely natural way to decorate.  Gel lac and shellac, which cover the nails, realistically convey the texture of a cut stone with veins and color transitions characteristic of stones, minerals, rock crystal. The fashionable range of marble designs on ballerina shape is presented among the illustrations of the review.

  • Ombré on ballerina nail shape

Manicure on the form of a ballerina in the technique of ombré in the new season has several features. Nail service experts advise to avoid multicolors in ombré. In the trend are delicate transitions between two colors, it is better if these are nude or pastel colors. Spectacular ombré with transitions between black and white, black and red gel nail polish or shellac.

  • Coffin nail shape with glitter design

If you can’t refuse a design with rhinestones, pebbles, bubbles, sequins or other manicure jewelry, try not to overdo it. The leaders of the fashion trends were small shiny jewelry, foil, pearls, bubbles and kamifubuki. Since the ballerina shape on short nails is out of the question at all, medium length (only if you are uncomfortable with a long length) or long nails are suitable. There is a golden rule in glitter decorating: the longer the nails, the less patterns, stones and decor should be placed on them.

In the trend for matte manicure decor, the combination of such texture with mirrored or metallized wax. With a design that uses foil, created an entire fashion line of manicure pointe. 

Rhinestones, pebbles and ribbons in this season are designed to imitate jewelry on the nails: rings, rings, strands of beads, necklaces and brooches. The negative space technique is used to enhance the accent.

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