Cute and Pretty Summer Nails 2022: Best Design ideas


Summer manicure is the basis of the good mood of its owner. In the summer, there are opportunities to display the brightest, brightest and most unusual ideas on the nails to create a rainbow image in the tone of a girl’s mood. 

Correctly selected nail design can really improve the mood and increase the self-esteem. In the summer, there is no need to puzzle over the dress code and match the office atmosphere when you have a signed vacation application on your desk.

Summer manicure does not require any restrictions in creating an incredible nail art for short nails or in reflecting certain new summer decorations 2022 exclusively on long nails.

After all, any length, width, shape of the nail plate in summer can be clothed in such colors and equipped with such nail beauty elements that will create an ideal manicure of the hot holiday atmosphere to any modern fashionista.

Easy Nail Designs for Summer 2022: Short Nails

The modern nail aesthetics of the upcoming summer of 2022 implies the activation of combining in one composition two or more maximally popular colors and coating textures to achieve the ideal result in obtaining a fashionable summer manicure. His best ideas are represented by the following solutions of aesthetic nail art:

  • The game of flowers – often used in the summer by nail service masters to design a manicure of summer beauties combining several bright accents on the nails.

    These can be geometric combinations of one or several shades in their abstract intersection, or an expression of a bright foundation with an emphasis on an additional image of another expressive color symbol. The most popular combinations are yellow-violet, yellow-green, orange-red, white-pink, white-blue and other colorful shades;
  • butterfly effect – an integral part of any summer manicure will be the image or uniform layout of butterflies in the form of an object with rhinestones or from acrylic modeling, or recreated with the help of beaded, kamifubic, foil luggage. In any form, the butterfly identifies the manicure with the arrival of a beautiful warm pore of the year and is quite appropriate in its fluttering form on the nails of any beauty women. 

Cute Nail Ideas for Summer 2022: Long Nails

A fashionable colorful french – an indispensable assistant to the girls who are accustomed to the classical choice, who are shown in the graduated

French manicure in the form of smiles from the ombre, or in the distinct combination of several parallel clutches of different colors, imitating a rainbow in the form of smiles on nails – more often this method is applicable to an elongated nail plate.

The result of this design always leaves a feeling of disingenuous ease and ease, being at the same time boring and quite original in its color;

The effect of condensation – another incredibly fashionable hit of the summer season. It assumes the style of a fruit fresh or berry mix or, in general, another cloth (necessarily made in a mat), and based on the velvety matte surface of the main coating of a dewdrop or so-called condensate in the form of a dotted laying of a transparent glossy gel. The effect of this design looks amazing.

Pretty Gel Nail Art: Nice Ideas for Summer 2022

The most interesting, the most colorful and most unusual ideas of the summer gel manicure are already dazzling on the pages of bloggers-masters of the current nail industry in their photos and video master classes.

Acrylic Nail Designs for Summer: Simple Designs 2022

Fashion trends in 2022 intensify the popularization of new shades of the upcoming season and leave at the height of popularity all the favorite trend ideas of last summer. Here are the pictures of best ideas acrylic nails for summer.

Pointed Summer Nail Art 2022: Ideas with Fruits and Flowers

In the summer of 2022, the girls will be pleased with the following design solutions of nail aesthetics:

  • Fruit fresh design – the most convenient for the perception of summer is the manicure is based on the presence on the marigolds of the aquarium luggage with delicious summer citrus and fruit of the summer season.

    Do not get tired to stay in the fashion laid out under a transparent gel or gel-lacquered rubberized slices of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, various strawberries, bananas and other juicy yummy, which all its appearance speaks of the onset of summer and rainbow hot days;
  • Design with a pattern of “berry mix” – on an alternative to “fruit fresh” is a wonderful accompanist in the summer stylistics of fresh colorful nail designs.

    Often, the image of a berry mix on the nails of a watermelon berry in a section or the reconstruction of the core of juicy kiwi in green-lime paints with small seeds inside is taken as the basis of the berry mix.

    Bright glossy shellac, taken as a basis, and auxiliary materials in the form of acrylic or gel paints perfectly play out their direct purpose and create a magnificent summer image in the form of a juicy manicure on the nails.
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