Autumn Nail Art Designs, Colors 2022


With the advent of autumn, it’s time to warm up, change the wardrobe, accessories, the color stylistics of your outfit, make-up, manicure. Girls often choose the design of nails because of their mood or change of the pores of the year, or on the occasion of some celebration.

Autumn is the time when you want to move from bright rainbow colors associated with a warm summer to more subdued deep tones on the eve of the onset of cold and bad weather.

Fashion trends in 2022 in the sphere of providing nail aesthetics services are declared to be hot this fall, from soft caramel to intense dark brown color.

Photo-novelties of the autumn manicure of 2022 fall into two categories: design using artistic images and decor in the form of modeling on the nail plate of other elements of manicure art, able to make the autumn mood in the nail design without drawings.

The selection of a specific nail art, which will appeal to its owner, and which will reflect its inner worldview at the moment – the question is easily solved.

After all, a huge number of the variations of the year, envisaged for applying to short nails, as well as modeling of decorative elements capable of unusually decorating handles with an interesting design for long nails, will not leave any fashionista without the fashionable autumn manicure of 2022.

Cute Nail Art Designs for Fall 2022: New Photos 

For some reason in the autumn of the year many girls want to go back to the nearly forgotten nail-art in light of the new-fangled bulonok, vtirok, glitter, Shimmer, kamifubikov and other elements of nail decoration. Indeed, these types of topical coatings such as shellac and gel varnish with the addition of these nail decoration almost ousted drawing on the nails of the open spaces of fashionable nail art design.

And yet, with the onset of the rainy weather and the transition from the summer heat to autumn colds many people want to see on their marigolds exclusive designs in a variety of applications drawn:

• Maple Design – this kind of art on nails, probably never go out of fashion, because there is nothing that we associate with fall as yellow and orange maple leaves paint. Often when choosing a picture, the girls choose this option for maximum unity with nature and its seasons;

• manicure with a parasol – this attribute is a harbinger of autumn items of bad weather, on a subconscious level, closer to the cold and rain, but that did not like the cold and rainy weather indicates the approach of autumn? Female silhouette with umbrella one of marigold (often unnamed) dilute routine monochromatic coating and will make a note of melancholy in mood of the owner;

• image of a pumpkin and autumn leaves – on the eve of the holiday for Halloween, the girls want to ask a certain magical and mysterious mood. They ask the masters of nail art display their marigolds something like tykovok, foliage, black silhouettes of houses on an orange background autumn and other symbolic stuff, which in autumn colors the nails in the appropriate stylistic paint;

• wood colored drawings – often in anticipation autumn winds and changing foliage color on marigold operate arts as a bendable under windy pressure trunks with red, yellow, orange, brownish, burgundy flowers, foliage, tears off twigs and dispersed along the length of the nail plate. Such a manicure looks quite appropriate in the autumn season and sets up its owner for the coming cold weather.

The best manicure ideas in the transition from summer designs to a more gloomy season are represented by a wide variety of types of coverings and decorations:

• Separate ombre – the most commonly used option in this case is the gradient transformation of colors on nails from light yellow to saturated orange, or switching from pale brown to deep chestnut shade. These colors perfectly reflect the disposition to melancholy and autumn mood;

• golden rubbing – a brilliant effect, which, with the help of the color of the paste, turns the nails into a golden mirror and harmonizes very harmoniously with the autumnal state and its color scheme mentally associates with the golden one of the year walking outside the window;

• matte coating with rhinestones – a brown base that, due to its dullness, resembles a velvety surface, sets the background to a future design, and a single appearance of pebbles at the basal zone ennobles the manicure and looks very aesthetic;

• French style marsala – often used design, which is performed by applying a smile of French manicure in a deep claret color with glitter, small solderings, rubbing, foil or broth and other decoration elements expressed in the fashionable color of Marsala;

• black with gold – it is very appropriate to cover the nails in autumn in black coal color and dilute its gloom with geometric lines of gold color that can be recreated with the help of an adhesive thin tape; an amazing combination of these two colors reflects the autumn style as vividly as possible and at the same time looks very extravagant;

• dew effect – it is actual on a brownish or gray background of a matte surface in the autumn season over the painted yellowed leaves to perform transparent droplets, which are modeled with the help of a dotted application of a transparent gel. It is important to do this on mate, since the gloss of droplets against its background will be more expressive and noticeable;

• The use of stickers is the easiest way to recreate the autumn design on the marigold. There is nothing easier, than to put on the prepared color surface of a nail stickers in the form of foliage of the various form and color. The design is very simple, but looks quite neat and aesthetically pleasing.

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