French nails 2022: new ideas and designs


French is a favorite and absolutely recognizable manicure that has become not only a classic of modern nail art, but also a unique basic format of hand aesthetics that allows you to create numerous impressive versions of French manicure.

The story of his rapid ascent to the heights of fashion and the amazing constancy of many years of success amaze fashion experts. The diverse ideas of the French seem to never run out. Creative style of nail design 2022 brought its expressive new products to the intensively developing french nail design

The predominant feature of the nail industry in 2022 was the combination of the entire arsenal of techniques and decoration tools, taking into account the prevailing orientation of fashion towards naturalness.

The ideas of French manicure in the new season are based on the choice of one of the types of French, which turns into a kind of foundation for decor with a pattern, with stapling, with rhinestones, with a wide variety of textures gel varnish or shellac.

Trends of the year have an almond-shaped oval shape of nails and a discreet thoughtful design of nails without frills in the decoration. As a rule, bright decoration is performed on one or two fingers.

What else you need to know in order to use the ideas of the season and choose new products that allow you to stay stylish, maintain your personality and follow fashion:

  • more than ever, the most beautiful classic french is in demand: the complete absence of decoration elements, basic nude shades and a traditional milky white smile. Gel polish will provide manicure with a high-quality durable coating.
  • Particular attention this season is focused on the unusual look and on variations with a smile line. On selected photos, a fashionable french with a zigzag v-shaped beveled curvy or diagonal shape of the edge is shown; large multi-colored corners, as well as two-color thin strokes on the side edges.
  • Of great interest is a manicure with two three or more stripes on gel nails or acrylic nails. The gaps between them are often filled with flickering coatings.
  • As an interesting novelty of nail design 2022, frame graphics are considered. The frame draws the edges of the nail plate from all sides, using bright colors or a dark saturated tone.
  • French manicure looks romantic and impressive, in which the smile line is made with dots. Points of the same or different sizes are made in contrasting or close shades. Sparkling dots are the edge of the nail in the millennium style.
  • Ombre manicure does not lose popularity, and the magnificent ombre technique continues to improve.
  • French in the form of almonds confidently declares itself on the extended nails. Thanks to the elongated shape, even chubby fingers with short phalanges visually become thinner and longer. On almond-shaped nails, it is convenient to use the most complex decoration options.
  • The glossy texture and matte french, individually and in combination, are still trending.

Trendy French nails colors in season 2022

Fashion trends that focus on the maximum naturalness of nail art images suggest fans to choose fashionable manicure colors in shades of the following colors: creamy milk, light lilac, delicate peach, nude, beige.

These are leading colors and their main advantage is versatility and practicality. In such colors, a French manicure will be appropriate for any situation throughout the day. Blue, metallic, violet, turquoise, red, coral, yellow, gold, orange, green and mint remain trending. 

Nail design and its success directly depend on the choice of color, which to a greater extent affects the aesthetic appeal of the created image. Harmony of form and decor in the most fashionable colors on the photo:

White French nails: new manicure ideas with white polish 2022

This manicure deserves the most flattering epithets. Touching and elitist, simple and at the same time, luxurious white french remains an example of stylishness in 2022. In addition to these advantages, a white french is an excellent basis for an additional nail design:

  • The classic white smile makes the french inimitable in any color basis. However, the new season prefers a combination of white french with soft light colors.
  • Design on sharp nails and squares is becoming less common this year, the most fashionable are oval, rounded without any sharp corners.
  • Manicure with a white smile is an excellent wedding option. Sparkling rhinestones placed on the ring finger will fully correspond to the triumph of the wedding and will be in harmony with the wedding ring.
  • A business manicure with a traditional white smile on basic nude shades has become a real classic and not only does not lose its position, but on the contrary, its popularity is growing.
  • French is in perfect harmony with floral prints from simple stylized images to art paintings with flowers.
  • White intricate patterns look most impressive with a white french; See the examples in the photo:

Black French nails: new manicure ideas with black polish 2022

Well-groomed and aesthetic hands are an indispensable feature of a modern woman who follows fashion and looks after her appearance. A French manicure with a black rim around the edge of the nail is the exact opposite of how we are used to seeing classic French. However, despite this, the perception of new items was more than successful. Black French almost immediately mastered all the most fashionable types and techniques in manicure, which he successfully combines in the design of nail plates.

Black manicure in nail art 2022 has taken a strong leading position, continuing to delight black fans with new ideas. The most interesting ideas, according to the editors of our magazine in the photo:

  • stopping your choice on the black edging, consider the fact that this style is ideal for long nails and medium and length. On short nails, designers are not advised to apply this option, so visually the nail is shortened and rounded.
  • Fashionable black french is perfect for sharp oval almond-shaped nails. Square and triangular nails also create favorable conditions for decoration.

Red French nails: new manicure ideas with red polish 2022

Novelties of decoration in shades of red only confirm the idea that this color carries an extremely strong emotional burden. Implicitly, he is immediately associated with beauty, strong feelings, passion and a desire for leadership. It is safe to say that the red french will remain in the top for more than one season.

Such close attention from artists and designers of the fashion industry has made red manicure in the French style a classic of nail design. The impressive ideas of 2022 presented in the photo effectively emphasize the red gel varnish in each of the options:

• French manicure in the new season actively uses shades of red. Color schemes mainly use white, black, silver and gold colors as additional nuances.

• For stylish ladies, the burgundy color is especially fashionable, giving indescribable charm and aesthetics to the image of a woman to the fingertips.

• Manicure with floral print, bows, smiles, hearts, geometric ornaments – the most popular orders in the salons.

• Nail art designers recommend abandoning the embodiment of images with a red french on short nails. The chances of distorting the idea, obtaining the effect of a painful appearance of short marigolds, their visual shortening and rounding are quite high.

Multi-colored French nails: new ideas 2022 with photo

The multi-colored french became an example of one of the most successful experiments with the French style of nail art. The light, light mood, which creates a color french, allowed him to gain incredible popularity as soon as possible. 2022 picked up the fashion direction, which he took the leading position.

Fashion trends have focused on the combination of types and techniques, making the multi-colored french more difficult to perform and allowing to achieve a unique personality for each model. The selected photos are proof of this, on them you will find elements of the most fashionable types of nail design.

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