Knitted nails: Best designs 2022


With the onset of winter, girls often surround themselves with all sorts of attributes of this season – home decorations, objects with the symbols of the holiday are purchased, warm sweaters and plaids are bought, and, of course, tangerines. And besides all this, the girls make themselves a New Year’s manicure – they draw Christmas trees, snowflakes, stars, gifts, and even deer! 

The sweater, especially if it is very soft and warm, is quite strongly associated with us in the winter. And because the girls inventors in 2022 invented to portray a sweater on their nails, and, to be more precise, the texture and pattern of this item of clothing. 

On the nails are drawn loops and braids, which eventually become a full viscous. This idea just blew up the entire Internet, and every girl just dreamed of such a manicure. And now on our site you can see a large number of ideas of such a “knitted” manicure.

Knitted nail design is quite simple, probably because fashion trends indicate such a stir among girls in 2022, who can now easily make such a manicure themselves, without the help of nail service masters.
This manicure will look beautiful on short nails and long ones. Although the long nails still this design does not look so impressive.

Similar nail designs can be done in three ways:

• using gel polish;
• using ordinary nail polish;
• using sliders.

Such nail design as knitted was originally made only with the help of shellac. To create such a design, you should choose not gel polish, but gel paint. Due to this figure will be more voluminous. First, the nail plate is covered with a base color, and then the pattern itself is drawn. The pattern for this design may consist of intersecting stripes, zigzags, rhombuses and cones. 

You can come up with a picture yourself or carefully consider your favorite sweater and paint its pattern on the nails. The lines of the pattern should be drawn in several layers. “Knitted” manicure is done a little longer than other designs. This is due to the fact that several layers are applied to the nail, which must be dried thoroughly. 

The pattern is quite thin, so you should choose a thin brush for drawing. This pattern looks on nails very gently and as if warm hands. When creating this design and using light colors, such as white, it is worth considering that there is a lot of dust around us, which will quickly cover your manicure.

It can hide in the corners of the pattern, and then the pattern will not look so snow-white and beautiful. Therefore it is worth choosing darker shades of lacquer, so that when dust enters, your pattern does not look ugly.

If you are not a fan of gel polishes or do not like three-dimensional designs, but you really want a similar manicure for yourself, you can create it with the help of a regular varnish. When creating a manicure with such a varnish, the binding pattern will not be bulk, but flat.

The pattern is drawn as well as when working with shellac. Unless you can not use multiple layers when creating a design. For a more beautiful design, the pattern can be covered with acrylic powder or small shimmer particles that add color and brightness to the manicure.

Judging by the photo innovations in Instagram, in 2022 only pastel colors are used to create this design. Such soft colors as pink, blue, beige, light gray and white are most often chosen. An interesting addition to the pattern will be acrylic powder, which is sprinkled with a pattern on top. Thus, the pattern will even more resemble a fluffy sweater.

One of the trends in 2022 will be a “knitted” manicure, which will be made not in one color, but in several. This year on things it was popular to create a combination of three colors at once. These colors were either clearly separated from each other, or smoothly transformed into each other, creating an ombre effect.

A similar idea was transferred to manicure, and therefore it is sometimes possible to see the works of masters in just such a technique. In this case, the desired pattern is made on the nails, which is created not from one color, but from several at once.

In most cases, the colors are in harmony with each other. A popular combination was the combination of white, gray and pink. There was also a variation with the replacement of pink for blue. In this manicure, the colors go seamlessly into each other. Looks like this design is very beautiful and unusual.

The second option to create a “knitted” manicure is even simpler than the gel lacquer version. This option is invented for those who are faced with the difficulties of creating a beautiful pattern or selecting the desired color.

For such a case, special sliders with a pattern that follows the sweater pattern were created. On these sliders you can find images that depict the texture, pattern and color of knitted clothes. And on the sliders colors can be found not only pastel, but also quite bright and bold.
Using sliders is quite simple. 

Sliders are of two types: which must necessarily be fixed on top with varnish and those that are desirable to cover, but not necessarily. Sliders, which are fixed on top, must be cut to the shape and size of their nails.

With this procedure, you need to be very careful not to make a mistake. To fix a similar slider on the nails, first the nail is covered with the main color, on which the slider will be attached. 

On top of the same nail with a correctly laid out slider fixed transparent lacquer. Fixing is necessary so that the slider does not slip and did not start to go. Any girl can easily reproduce such a design on her nails.

If earlier it was difficult for those who can not draw, now there are sliders, which made life easier for girls. The advantage of this manicure is also the fact that it can be created on all nails at once, and not knocked out.

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