Nail polish color trends 2022

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The beauty industry presented a delightful variety of rings, which are effectively and very productively used in the palette of modern nail art. Trendy colors of manicure 2022 can delight and satisfy the desires of the most demanding fashionistas. Color trends are complex and have a wide range of shades.   

Trendy colors of gel and shellac nail polishes 2022: photos

Almost all women loves to dress up, pamper themselves with new things, periodically update their hair, and, of course, keep an eye on their nails, making a new manicure.

Any variant of nail art should not only be beautiful, but also be in harmony with your style, created in a way that reflects the latest fashion trends in general.

The trendy nail design undoubtedly embodies the general fashion trends of this or that season, because all the representatives of the butie sphere are working on a single task: to create, first of all, relevant, complete and exclusive images for women, which include clothes, hairstyles and hairstyles, nail design, shoes and accessories, make-up.

In the preparation of a new image of a lot of important factors is the choice of the right colors, both in clothing and other areas of beauty.

Today we will consider the most fashionable manicure colors 2022, which will be relevant in the seasons of spring-summer and autumn-winter in one way or another. Fashion trends in colors and shades of nail design are closely related to the actual tones of the color spectrum, popular in clothing.

New colors are announced every year by the Pantone Color Institute, which is the world authority on color communication. The verdict of the authoritative organization, undoubtedly, affects the fashionable manicure colors 2022.

According to experts, in the coming seasons the most fashionable colors in clothing, and accordingly, manicure colors are red (tomato and chili), intense purple, barely, purple, lilac, yellow and its shades, brown, green and lime, dark blue, white, black and beige, sky blue.

Fashionable light colors for nail art 2022: latest trends with pictures

Actual light coloring nail polishs for spring-summer are mostly formed on the principles of seasonal preferences, and a certain conservatism of office manicure.

Summer heat and office dress code do not dispose to dark colors of nail polish. The same can be said about the bride’s wedding manicure. To all other stylistic solutions fashion trends are more democratic and loyal at any time of year and in different life circumstances. 

Fashionable colors of nail polish 2022 in light tones and subtones are embodied in a beautiful monochrome variant of nail decoration or become part of the design idea with a variety of manicure techniques and types. 

  • Nude and pastel shades, representing a restrained style in the aesthetics of the nail plate decoration, are leading among the light shades. This delicate palette looks great not only in a single-color version, but also in the technique of ombra, gradient, mirroring, combined with other rings of nail polishs.
  • The trendy colors of gel and shellac nail polishes 2022 with light matte or glossy texture, as well as variations of their combination.
  • Shades of white, pinkish and delicate palette of light beige, peach, light blue, pale orange nail polishs remain the actual classic format of the bride’s wedding nail design.
  • Without white and pink shades of nail polish it is impossible to imagine classic and creative ideas of French manicure smile.
  • Spring-summer period is marked by the relevance of yellow shades of the Yellow Dog Year. Winter makes up for it in snow-white and ice design.
  • In trend is a light shade of mint, orange, soft-blue, gentle-lilac nail polish color. 

Fashionable dark shades of manicure 2022: photos, trends

The magnificence of dark shades of nail polishs is inseparable from the creative search of nail design masters and their desire for perfect manicure. Dark shades are self-sufficient in monochrome images, and multi-colored design ideas are given expressive artistic value and contrast.

Generalizing the opinion of fashion critics, it is possible to draw conclusions, what fashionable color of nails in 2022 in dark tones dominates:

  • Black nail polish remains a nail trend. It is based not only on the Gothic style of manicure and Halloween images, black creates polarity and contrast in the design with a pattern, is an excellent basis for decoration of nails with all known means of decor. The black french conquered the fashionistas last season, this trend persists.
  • The season’s nail-chef is a deep, rich blue color. Cold drama and sophistication of the color have won great popularity.
  • Dark shades of red in manicure are already an immutable classic. Actual nuances are associated with wine shades, marsala color and burgundy varnish.
  • The season is marked by interest in the mirror rubbing and manicure, made in cat’s eye technique. Dark tones and undertones emphasize the depth and mysteriousness of the inner glow and shimmering colors.
  • The manicure’s effects for especially solemn occasions will be given by fashionable shades of purple, eggplant and brown colors with an admixture of bordeaux. The trend is graphite and dark metallic. 

Best color combinations in nail art 2022: new photos

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