New Years and Christmas nails designs 2022


Christmas and New Year are one of the happiest holidays we celebrate. Usually this holiday is accompanied by a big party in the circle of the closest people. Every woman makes every effort to look irresistible in this unique, so fabulous night of the year.

Many ladies are very careful in choosing the outfit for the New Year’s party: they buy a fabulous dress and complement it with bright accessories. But you need to remember to take care of the beauty of your hands.

This can be done using simple methods that do not cost a lot of money. Instead of buying expensive jewelry to decorate your fingers to become more impressive, you can easily complement your stunning image by choosing a beautiful New Year nail design.

Emphasis should be placed on the highlights, creating the effect of the snow shimmering, pictures, symbolizing this holiday and sparkling decor. Find out more by looking at the following photos – ideas of a New Year’s manicure, including a fashionable service jacket, options for decorating nails with glitter, sparkles and rhinestones.

New Years Eve nails: Cute nail art designs ideas 2022

One of the most anticipated holidays is the New Year. The most magical, the most fabulous holiday of the year girls strive to meet in all the beauty and splendor of their appearance. Thinking over their image from top to toe, each one wants to look immaculately in the light of the fireworks of the New Year’s festival. Clothes, make-up, hairstyle, manicure – everything should be perfect.

Fashionable New Year’s manicure 2022 surprises with the versatility and wide assortment of the choice of color palette, decorative interventions, modern modeling technologies.

Properly chosen nail design can decorate its owner brighter than the main attire, more precisely, to attract attention more actively due to its originality, catchiness and beauty. The fashion trends of the New Year’s nail decor 2022 allow you to fully reveal the image of the girl who chose a particular manicure and to complement her New Year’s outfit in the most appropriate way.

What is the most successful nail decoration option will be nail art on the eve of 2022? What is the most appropriate artistic sketch on the nails will conquer the charmer in the night from 2021 to 2022? And what trends will stand out the festive nail design of the most magical night of the year?

Сhristmas themed Nails: Best easy Fingernail Art, Decorations Ideas 2022

If you want to create a truly elegant nail design for the Christmas, you need to skillfully combine two such factors as the fashionable color of lacquer and the appropriate decoration for your manicure. On this magical night, everything should literally sparkle, and your marigolds are no exception! This is the case when rhinestones and sparkles on the nails will not be superfluous.

Brilliant manicure does not have to be decorated with rhinestones. You can use glitter and other decorations for the decor.
Fashionable manicure colors for the new year 2022 remain traditional for this holiday. As the main cover the master of nail design is advised to give preference to red, blue, white, black, blue and green.

But to create a picture or a pattern, the most suitable colors are gold and silver, although there are many variations of the nail painting in another palette. As for the style of the main coating, a good choice will be a French, matte, moon and manicure gel polish cat’s eye.

The photos below will help to determine the design. It is worth noting that the winter decor looks different on different lengths of nails. If you want to make a design in the form of a high Christmas tree a large glitter, such a decor on short nails will not be so effective, but on long ones – what you need!

On short nails the ornate pattern fits beautifully and looks more refined precisely at that length. Regardless of the length of the nails, the universal solution is to decorate the nails on the ring fingers with bouillons and rhinestones or with pointed grinch. 

Gel and acrylic nails designs for New Years and Сhristmas Eve 2022

Waiting for the New Year’s and Christmas Eve involves a long preparatory part of the event. Therefore, girls have plenty of time to choose the appropriate nail design.

Each tends to be special and is looking for the best variations for decorating their elegant fingers. The most interesting variations of the New Year decoration of nails 2022 are represented by the following types of nail design:

  • exquisite New Year’s jacket – the most striking offers of the festive winter French manicure are the combinations of two components: a transparent base of the base coat and a smile display in the form of not a simple gel, but a deep shimmering mica, reflective light foil, aquarium bag or a fine display of bouillons according to the level of the foot plate .

    The colors of a brightly laid out smile can be different: from blue-black to flawless white, both interspersed with sparkles, and in a separate gloss. You can complement the Frenchman’s composition with the decoration of a marigold of one of the fingers in the form of an ornamental painting as a frosty window pattern – the effect will not make you regret choosing such a design;
  • manicure with rhinestones – what a New Year’s Eve without glitter, glare shimmer and breathtaking elegance of the stone nail display? It is possible to cover the entire surface of one of the marigolds with a stone-like smooth surface, and to single out the middle elements of the drawings recreated on the marigolds. It can be the center of a snowflake, highlighted by a strazik, or the middle part of a festive gift bow recreated with the help of acrylic modeling, or it can be decorative inlay of Christmas toys hoisted on the nail plate in the form of aquarium or bulk baggage;
  • mirror effect – perhaps one of the most sought-after designs of modern times. A silver mirror created with the help of foil or rubbing along with a combination of silver velvet and the matt surface of other nails allows its owner to feel like a truly snow queen, queen of the evening and queen of the New Year’s night. In white or silver color tonality, such a design is perfect for the New Year’s celebration and will decorate the evening of any fashionable woman.

Holiday nails 2022 with design: snowman, Christmas tree, Santa and others

The trends of the coming year, affecting almost all types of manicure, do not have power over the New Year’s design. In such cases, it remains to observe only what new items appear in the arena of nail design. Traditionally, fashion trends include the following patterns on the nails:

  • Snowflakes. The most fashionable options are white, silver, gold, blue and red snowflakes made with glitter or gel polish. In order to add a manicure “highlight”, the center of the snowflake can be decorated with bouillons or rhinestones. This design, on the one hand, is New Year’s, and on the other – it can be attributed to the universal winter one. It is not necessary to draw a large snowflake. New Year’s atmosphere in manicure can be conveyed by the illusion of falling flakes of snow.
  • Christmas decorations. To this kind of design, we include not only drawings with Christmas decorations, but also various options for decorating nails with a garland pattern. Manicure for the new year 2022, the highlight of which will be a bright garland or beautiful Christmas balls – a truly winter trend of this holiday.
  • Patterns. Winter-winter is a talented artist and in this cold season decorates our windows with unusual frosty curls. That is why winter manicure with patterns is one of the most relevant options for New Year’s nail decor.
  • Fir-trees, needles, Santa Claus. Christmas tree decor and Santa Claus are a good idea for both long and short nails. Such a design can be done with the help of an already finished sticker, or hand-painted. The last option, of course, takes much more time and this should be done by an experienced master. If you want to make a fashionable manicure for the New Year 2022, you can use the interesting design idea, which consists in combining the jacket and the pattern so that Santa Claus’s beard is just the fringing on the tips of the nails in the French manicure style.
  • New Year’s manicure with deer – relevant as ever. Deer on the nails are embodied on the basis of various images. It can be cartoon deer, just their silhouette or a pattern in the form of a sweater with deer. Whichever option you choose, it will look funny and truly give the mood of the new year to you and the people around you. For painting nails you can use gel polish or shellac, or ready-made stickers.
    Below are the photos – new manicure with snowflakes, Christmas-tree decorations and other ideas of drawings that convey the fabulous New Year’s atmosphere.

Trendy Christmas and New Year shellac nails: images of ideas 2022

The current development of mass media and Internet servers allows any girl who wants to today to find out what the best photographic variations of the New Year’s manicure in 2022 are filled with world content. So, among the novelties of the manicure nature on the eve of the Christmas holidays of our time, the following are considered the most popular:

  • pointed nail art – where in the winter fairy tale without snowflakes? A manicure with a patterned pattern of a snow veil is absolutely not an innovation, but it will never leave its leading position in the winter period, because nothing so stylistically expressively manifests the New Year’s winter magic mood.
  • After all, the weather is not always happy with snowfall at the most crucial moment, therefore, at least on the nails of the girl they wish to contemplate the snowy shroud of beauty. At the same time, any varnish gel-color or shellac can be taken as a basis, white snowflakes on a dark background or dark-colored snowflakes on a light canvas always look themed and rather expressive;
  • texture luggage – the matte surface of the base and textures recreated on top of it in the form of various kinds of ornaments and potholes are actively popularized in modern society. In the New Year’s style, the layout from the weaving of a volumetric braid to the tone of the main cover is appreciated, or an ornamental pattern in the New Year’s style, highlighting the nail of one of the fingers with the depiction of a deer, a forerunner of the New Year’s visit of Santa Claus
  • brilliant rubbing – not a single Christmas party can do without the flickering of colorful glitter in the form of glitter or shimmer, which is studded separately with the root zone of the nail or the line of the nail is diffused. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether such a design is made on short nails or shiny dust is applied on long nails – any uniform and dimensional area of ​​the nail plate is incredibly transformed and takes on a solemn look;
  • New Year’s stickers – what could be more convenient and, at the same time, more lively, than adhesive preforms put on a previously prepared snow-white base with very beautiful drawings in the form of images of snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Christmas trees, pine toys and the like New Year paraphernalia. In this case, the manicure is very simple to perform, and the effect is very lively, colorful, pleasant look.

Christmas and New Year glitter nails: Best ideas and Photos 2022

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