Beach themed Nails: New Ideas 2022


In the world of innovative technologies and paradoxical changes in many areas of modern services, manicure takes one of the leading positions. A completely new level of work, to which the masters of the nail industry passed, is a direct proof of this.

The departure from the bulky dusty allergenic acrylic and the transition to the newest material support and much more natural materials like gel-lacquer and shellac provided the nail service workers the opportunity to work with new forces, with new trends and new trends 2022.

Not the least role in the selection of the most relevant and interesting design of modernity is the fashionable sea manicure. Fashion trends in 2022 foreshadow the continuation in operation of already well-known and beloved models of nail decoration with additional innovations and innovations.

For short and long nails, for almond and square, even for slightly bored nails, peaks and stilettos – the nautical theme looks appropriate on any surface of the nails.

Often, the girls want to move to the atmosphere of relaxation and feel the whiff of the sea fresh breeze even before the actual vacation. In such situations, they ask themselves the appropriate mood, depicting on the nails a bright foundation in the form of a basic covering with the reflection of black silhouettes on them as island palms.

This design has spread for a long time and still continues to be relevant in the summer – it’s no wonder: this manicure stunningly reflects the style of summer holidays.

Fashionable Ocean Manicure: New Pictures 2022

It is easiest, perhaps, to reflect the naval stylistics in the form of a drawing. But there are also quite complex artistic elements that only a highly skilled master can depict. The most popular design of nails with a pattern in the beach style is not heavier today with complex creative designs on the nails:

  • black french with palm – true at the present time be based on the merging of two colors such as white to purple, yellow, orange, cyan, blue and cover them foundation base nail coating followed by applying black smiles French manicure and growing from this base black silhouettes fluffy overseas palms;
  • manicure “dolphinarium” – no less frequent design decision is the modeling by the master on the customer’s nail drawing from the black silhouettes of dolphins on the main blue background.

    Or it may be a clear portrayal of these wonderful mammals in a larger perspective, with a focus on the good-natured eyes and simulate smile splashing in the depths of the sea dolphins – this design is very pleasing to eyes;
  • manicure “Octopus” – also ideal for drawing on the blue gradient-based basecoat black silhouette paw octopus tendrils with their krugopodobnymi suckers. It does not sound very aesthetic, but it looks pretty nails.

Trendy Beach themed Nail Design 2022: best ideas

Not necessarily a background for the creation of sea manicure should be a single-colored or mixed gel material. You can create an interesting composition using other decorating elements to get an effective result in a given style. Photo-novelties 2022 open a lot of opportunities for unusual decoration of nails in the given direction:

  • scaly manicure – a black glossy base taken as a basis is considered a very interesting solution with the subsequent application of the same scrap of foil in the form of fish scales on it. The foil can be either monophonic or with an ombré style transition from one color to another – the effect is incredible;
  • azure marble with white cracks – the application of the marble effect on short nails with the creation of an azure color of the base and imitation of snow-white cracks on it to some extent resembles the underwater pattern of the seabed;
  • a sticker with photo prints is an easy and incredibly beautiful option that involves applying to the pre-processed bright color in a given thematic manner the basis of sticky stickers with images of snowboarders on sea waves or tanned beauties in glasses and bathing suits. In short, you can pick up any options for blanks with photo prints, they will always look unusual and interesting in any case.

Acrylic and Gel Beach nails: pictures 2022

The best ideas for reflecting the summer joyful mood on the eve of the sea holiday are represented by the following manicure compositions:

  • Design with shells from kamifubikov – here, again, you can take a different color base. It can be not only blue-black or sky-blue: the color can be chosen and lilac, and sand, and snow-white – the very fact of putting on its surface golden and silvery kamifubikov in the form of ribbed embossed shells;
  • Pearl manicure – on the surface of the nail plate, pre-worked blue-blue and sand-colored, it is possible to apply a few white fine-grained beads in the form of pearls to a darkened pigment in the basal zone, imitating, thus, a coastal landscape with sea beauties thrown to the shore;
  • sea stars – the surface of nails, which has been tinted in white-blue tonal form, can be diluted with a design with rhinestones in the form of golden pebbles laid out in the form of holidaymakers near the coastal massifs of sea stars – this kind of nail art looks chic.

Summer Beach Nail Designs: Cute variations with photo 2022

It does not bypass the naval style and bright shiny nail design. On the occasion of a merry party on the embankment or just as their desire, girls often use shimmering elements on their nails:

  • ultramarine glitter is a wonderful choice in terms of lightness and long-term wearing, characterized by the partial application of glittering glitter on some of the marigolds, and for the rest – by applying a snow-white gel gloss;
  • silver mica – imitating the coastal sea foam applied to the basal area of ​​silver mica with a soft transition to the gentle blue sea surface looks great on the nails, conveying the most enthusiastic mood that must be visited by every girl before going on a long-awaited vacation at sea.
  • marine manicure also acts as an alternative to the design with palms, suggesting the image on the marigold of striped motifs of horizontal and vertical blue-and-white color with the drawing of the ship’s anchor, the steering wheel, the captain’s steering wheel and other elements of the marine stylistic orientation. A seaman in the form of a girl with a similar manicure, undoubtedly, attracts the attention of tourists with her in one tourist space of young people.
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