Oval, round shape nail design 2022


One of the pledges of beautiful and neat hands is considered to be well-groomed nails with properly made manicure. Much attention is paid to the shape of the nails.

The shape of the nails, like everything around them, changes with the fashion. In 2022 the manicure fashion includes nails with oval shape of nails. If previously were popular more square nails, but now girls prefer more round and almond-shaped nails. This form of nail plate looks neater and more feminine and gentler than a square nail. 

This shape will fit both short and long nails. For long nails you should also choose the almond shape. Thus, the nails will be visually slightly longer, but will not seem sharp.

The round or oval shape of the nails suits every girl, but it is best for girls with thin hands and neat fingers. Due to this shape, the fingers will seem even thinner and more feminine. Girls with full arms can also choose this form of nails, but it is not worth making the nails long.

One of the advantages of the rounded shape of the nails can be called:

  • The shape of the nails can be easily adjusted;
  • Thanks to the rounded nails, there’s no such problem as permanent tissue hook-ups;
  • The shape is universal and suitable for every profession.

This shape is best suited to classic nail designs. One of such designs is rightly considered a french. White classic french looks very soft on rounded nails and is combined with a line of nails. For girls who love an unusual manicure with gel-laque, there is a variant of a bright french.

With this french, the ends of the nails are covered not with white, but with another bright color, such as red. And the base itself can be covered not with the beige color of shellac, but with a dark shade.

Also on the round shape of the nails will look interesting moon manicure. Moon manicure – a different color on the nail. The curvature of these holes will beautifully repeat the shape of the nails.

Fashion trends show that the best ideas for lunar manicure in 2022 will be the framing of the hole with a contrasting stripe of varnish and coloring the hole white as on the French.

One of the photo novelties is the combination of French and moon manicure on the nails. Creating such a design is quite difficult, because it is necessary to create the same and even bend of the hole and the edges of the nail. Such a manicure is recommended to do at a professional and experienced master of nail service to get quality work.

In 2022 darker shades of nail polish like burgundy, chocolate, dark blue, dark red, dark emerald, gray and similar will become fashionable. Dark colors look calmer and more elegant. Such colors will suit both young girls and women at the age. 

The design of cat’s eyes will look perfect on oval nails. Like many others, a cat’s eye will fit a girl at any age and will look good at any event. The magnetic stripe, which follows the diagonal of the nail, is beautifully shimmering in the light. A beautiful shimmer will be when using dark shades of nail polish: burgundy, blue-black, black and others.

When we talk about the patterns that will suit the nails of such shape, we can say that it is geometry that now takes first place. A lot of lines and figures decorate the nails of many girls.

When making a beautiful composition, the design is very beautiful and unobtrusive. With this design, you can fully demonstrate your imagination and create as a gentle design, and bright and colorful.

One of the options of geometric design – striped nails. All nail plate is covered with stripes. Strips can be vertical and horizontal, thin or thick or in different colors. The stripes can be created with nail polish or special colored duct tape.

Despite the simplicity of design, manicure with it can look both gentle and fun – everything depends on the number of stripes. For example, in the summer they often do a sea manicure, where the nails depict stripes, anchors and handwheels. This manicure looks very bright and positive, especially in summer when you go to the sea.

The design of nails with a pattern has been very relevant recently. Flowers are often chosen as drawings. Flowers are drawn absolutely different, different sizes and colors.

Popular flowers in manicure are roses, tulips, poppies, peonies and created by the master. If there is a problem with the drawing of flowers, then the sliders or stepping up come to the aid. Sliders are a type of stickers.

They can be both solid on the whole nail, and in the form of stickers. Now there are a lot of beautiful sliders that will decorate your nails. Stamping – a technique of imprinting a pattern on your nails.

If everything is done carefully, you can create your own original drawing on the nails. The same flowers on top can be partially decorated with rhinestones. 

Manicure with rhinestones became popular among young girls in 2022, who want a lot of glitter on the nails. Thanks to the variety of different stresses, you can create an interesting design. On the Internet it is easy to find a lot of works of masters with the use of stresses of different colors and shapes.

To create an evening manicure on the oval form of nails you can use a beautiful lace design. Lace on the nails can be drawn. This method is quite complicated, because only good craftsmen can draw a beautiful fine lace. The other way to apply the lace is to do it by means of stepping.

This option is simpler than the first, but also requires some skill. Also manicure lace can be simply purchased. This lace is thin and is suitable for creating such a design.

The oval shape of the nails in 2022 is very fashionable. It has become so fashionable, due to its convenience and beautiful appearance. These nails look very feminine and absolutely not vulgar.

This shape is suitable for every girl with any type of pen. The manicure can be chosen according to your desire – there are a lot of options, and under this form of nails fit any design.

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