Red Nail Art Designs: Best Ideas 2022

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Red has always been considered the color of passion, love, emotions, unbridled feelings. No wonder that women love him so much. Red dress, red shoes, red lipstick, red manicure – each of these elements of the female toilet is capable of attracting everyone’s attention and looking at such a girl, because it somehow automatically causes interest.

Red nails: manicure with red polish photos 2022

Fashion trends of 2022 do not allow this bright color to leave the pedestal of beauty and open before his admirers all new photo-novelties of the best variations of red manicure for short and long nails. At the same time, the diversity and versatility of designs are surprising with it’s scale and wide range of options.

Dark cherry, blood and bright red – are the most popular shades of red nail polish in this year.

The abundance of ways to model nail decorations allows you specifically for yourself to choose the most convenient, most suitable and most appropriate nail design. Shellac and gel are the forms of the most practical material for the creation of nail aesthetics.

They are conquered the hearts of many users and craftsmen and made it possible to decorate not only artificially nailed plates for a long time, but also to apply a durable coating with a beautiful design for short nails.  So, the red color in its individual manifestation can be perfectly combined with natural transparency or modeled in a separate application:

  • scarlet french – the transparent base of the nail canvas, combined with the red color of the curves of the smiles, looks great on the slightly elongated square form of the nails. You can supplement the painted design or decor on the nails of the ring finger and (or) middle finger;
  • matte red with woven sandy braids – a rather fashionable and relevant design of the current and, consequently, the future season 2022, manifested in velvety bright red with subsequent installation of a sand pattern in the form of weaving on its surface;
  • transparent gradient – the technique of applying red shellac or gel-varnish in the style of an ombre smoothly coming to naught in its graded transition, looks very beautiful in mother-of-pearl overflows with the obligatory application of a pigment to the cutting line and the leaving in its natural form of the basal transparent zone.

Red nail art designs: new beauty and cute ideas 2022

Surprisingly luxurious, expensive, and sometimes even pompous manicure is considered a nail design in combination of two colors – red and gold or silver. The best ideas for decorating nails in such a color tone are represented by the following trend solutions of 2022:

  • geometric abstraction – quite often ribbon strips are used today in the form of a thin foil superimposed in various abstract intersections on marigolds; the scarlet gloss used as a basis will serve as an excellent background for the straight golden lines stretched across the nail space, intersecting at right angles and not only;

  • scarlet lunar – an interesting design is considered the red coloring of the main cover (this can be both a mat and a gloss) and the allocation of the smiley faces of the reverse French manicure in a patterned ruffled manner: the semicircles of luxurious gold lunules with curls look very aristocratic and elegant;

  • golden bouillon – an excellent solution is also a display in the form of festive bows made of golden broth on the background of a brown red main coat. Such decor can be embellished with the effect of rhinestones: in the middle of an imitated broth bow or flower, insert a central pebble that will shade the middle part of the decor and bring its elegant mite into the overall image;

  • scatter of the shimmer and glitter – incredibly effective look on the red basis scattered in the root zone or, conversely, in the cut-off area of ​​the glitter in large or small spraying. This manicure is suitable for a festive party or going out with the mandatory use of accessories in a similar color scheme.

Red with black and white: best nail art designs and ideas

Another incredibly beautiful combination in nail aesthetics is red with black and white.  The most interesting ideas are the following compositions of the design “blood with milk”:

  • design with a pattern – a very delicate and expressive nail decoration is considered to be Chinese painting with white threads on a red base and vice versa: it is a rather refined version that looks more appropriately on an elongated nail plate;
  • printed stylistic stickers – quite often the basis of a festive manicure is precisely the red and white colors of the nail cover. 
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