Nail art designs with rhinestones 2022


Every girl who cares for herself is making a manicure. And of course girls want to have a fashionable and beautiful nail design. Recently, various bright ideas have become popular. Masters of manicure began to actively use various rubs, powders, velvet, stickers and many other decorations. 

In 2022 fashion trends show that the design of nails with the use of rhinestones will be in fashion. If you follow the photo novelties of famous masters in the same Instagram, you can see a lot of manicure ideas with gel-laque and with rhinestones. 

Manicure with rhinestones can be worn both in everyday life and at any event. But it is worth considering that if you want to wear such a manicure in everyday life, you will need to do everything carefully so as not to damage your nails. When doing homework such as washing dishes, washing floors or doing laundry, it is recommended to use special rubber gloves to preserve the manicure. 

If you damage your nails, you may peel off the gel-varnish, and the rhinestones may be damaged or fall off. If you wear the manicure correctly, it may last more than a month. Many girls now choose a gel-lacque or shellac coating precisely because the manicure with such a coating lasts a long time and does not fall off.

There are a lot of rhinestones for manicure. They differ in material, shape, size and color. When choosing rhinestones, it is best to choose glass rhinestones of good quality. Swarovski rhinestones are the best glass rhinestones. 

They are more expensive, but these rhinestones have quality cut and shine like diamonds. There are also acrylic rhinestones. The difference between glass rhinestones and acrylics can be seen quite well – acrylic rhinestones are also cut, but they shine much more muffled. 

Also, acrylic rhinestones may not be of the best quality and may shirk that the nails will look rather unsightly. There are also crystal rhinestones. These crystals are quite expensive and rarely used. The size of the crystals starts from 1.3 to 8.6 mm. 

Most often, masters of nail service use small rhinestones – about 3 mm in diameter. The shape of rhinestones also differ – they can be round, oval or multifaceted. Rhinestones are made in different colors – from classic to bright, contrasting shades. 

Beautiful nails look transparent, white or beige. These colors are suitable for any nail design. And such colors as blue, green, red and others are used provided that the manicure is made in such colors. Otherwise, bright rhinestones do not look as beautiful on the nails.

Manicure with rhinestones for short nails: new ideas 2022

Fashionable manicure with rhinestones in 2022 can be worn on short and long nails. In different cases, rhinestones are used in different quantities.

So, for short nails in 2022 will be relevant such nail design as “king nail”. With this design, one finger, most often chosen nameless, completely decorated with rhinestones. In this case, the best look is small rhinestones. 

Quite an interesting solution is when the rhinestones are selected in any pattern or just from interesting colors. When playing with light, such a nail sparkles very beautifully. Such a manicure looks very festive and bright. 

Attention! It is not necessary to inlay all the nails on your hands with rhinestones. Such a manicure will look too defiant, tasteless and vulgar.

Rhinestones on the nails: beautiful location, best pictures 2022

A nail with rhinestones, the color of which has been selected so that the effect of the ombra will look beautiful. For this manicure, you can choose only small rhinestones, or you can also make a gradient from large stones to small rhinestones. Such a manicure will definitely attract attention and conquer every girl.

Also girls with short nails can pay attention to a manicure with a pattern. On the nails is drawn a beautiful pattern and on some parts of it are attached rhinestones. An interesting option is the design with “quilted” nails. The master draws this pattern and puts the rhinestones in place of the “stitches”. This design of nails looks very beautiful and quite popular. 

Another variant of the drawing on the nails is the drawing, which is laid out with rhinestones. Thus, it is often laid out butterflies. For such a manicure you need a large number of different rhinestones, which are different both in color and size.

Rhinestones are actively used in the New Year manicure. Each girl makes a bright manicure in this magical night. And the manicure should be, of course, thematic. In this case, rhinestones and stones are used to lay snowflakes, clocks or Christmas tree balls.

Rhinestone nail design: new performance ideas 2022

If a girl has long fingernails, it is possible to make a French. On top of this French or just on the surface of the nails are laid out rhinestones. Most often, rhinestones are laid out with a beautiful pattern near the base of the nails. In this case, it looks beautiful light rhinestones, which will be in tone with the French. 

For the lunar manicure, or for the reverse French, there is an option to decorate the hole with rhinestones. You can lay out the rhinestones as the hole itself, as well as the area around it.

There is an option that will suit the owners of both short and long nails. Rhinestones are either laid out chaotically, or creating a figure or a line. Also an interesting idea will be laying out flowers with rhinestones. The manicure will look cute and unusual.

For girls who love everything unusual, there is the same unusual option. The nails can be laid not with rhinestones, but with small spikes. Walking with such a manicure is unlikely to be comfortable, but the effect will be really amazing! Spikes for such a manicure can be purchased at any needlework store.

Manicure with rhinestones in 2022 will be one of the trends in the world of nail industry. With the right choice and use of rhinestones during the design creation, the nails will look very beautiful, neat and festive. Women’s hands with such manicure will attract people’s attention. And as you know, girls love attention!

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