Nails with shimmer and glitter 2022


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Diamonds are girls’ best friends. And in proverbs, songs, and sarcastic humorous statements there is an opinion, and it is justified that women are crazy about the shine of stones, shimmering jewelry and nail polish glare of rhinestones. And there is nothing surprising, let alone reprehensible, about this. A woman is the embodiment of beauty, so it is no wonder that there is a constant desire to shine with her beauty even more. That is why many ladies today choose the design with sequins and stones as their manicure. 

Fashion trends 2022 show the most interesting, most exciting and extraordinary variations of manicure art in the form of brilliant design: photo novelties of the most eye-catching solutions amaze with an abundance of all kinds of elements of nail plate decoration, allowing to recreate a truly luxurious nail design.

Glitter, sparkle glitter on the nails: beautiful photos 2022

It becomes more and more difficult to surprise modern girls every day. The variety of chic variations of brilliant manicure is so great, but so successfully absorbed by the present charming ladies, that perhaps there is not a single kind of decor that has not yet been tried by the avid fashionistas. And yet, the best ideas of a brilliant manicure with, for example, foil will still captivate the hearts of many beauties:

  • gold confetti – one of the most significant and noble combinations in the nail sketch is black with gold. Coal glossy shellac or gel-lax as the basis ideally takes on its surface chaotically dispersed medium size round foil clippings of golden color. Made on long fingernails this manicure looks chic under a smart black evening dress with accessories in gold plated – the overall image looks unbeatable;
  • crystal manicure – laid out on a dark purple background shimmering light lilac foil in the form of chopped chips of broken glass looks great in the overall composition of this combination of two different colors of the same shade group. The effect of broken glass captivates its charm, reminiscent of a kind of crystallized lilac surface of the nails. This nail design is an excellent basis for a charming image;
  • yuki flakes are a chic innovation of modernity, representing nothing more than mica in its subtle design in the form of colorful holographic clippings. Applied yuki flakes on short fingernails are perfectly combined with the beauty’s evening gown or her everyday outfit, complemented by jewelry to the tone of the nail background – this will emphasize the light elegance of the image and justify the brightness of the shine of such nyl art.

Manicure with glitter: shimmer stretching on nails

In addition to the use of shredded to the size of glitter foil in nail art 2022 provides something and more massaging as elements of decoration of the nail plate to create a brilliant image:

  • nail coronation – the landing on the surface of the nail bed of silver camifubics on a bright chocolate, wine or plum background is very expensive and fashionable in the form of a small crown with an extension. This is the case, when different caliber and different shaped confetti land in a certain style on one or two nails and emphasize the elegance of the whole manicure, which looks just delightful as a result;
  • lunar track – the aristocratic reverse frenchin the form of moonlit dark saturated chimmer particles perfectly contrasts with the light pigmented base of the basic nail coating. Sometimes such nail art is complemented by the decor of one of the nails with a pattern in the same tonality as the chimmer – this design looks clean and aristocratic;
  • frame inlay – the modern blowing of the European fashion onions obliges the masters of manicure art to learn the technique of nail inlaying by imitating the creation of links under the frame of stones of different colors, complementing the likeness of its owner’s ring – it is truly modeling the work of art right on the nails;
  • persian manicure – a heaping of a huge number of stones in different shapes, sizes, and colors – this is what Persian luxury looks like. Plenty of stones, pearls, and various inclusions with the chosen base of the lightest possible shade reflect the mentality of Persian bourgeois dearness.

And still, the most fashionable, the most expressive nail decor is considered to be the notorious stones. And not the last role in the nails of this decoration element is played by its color scheme and calibration. By choosing the right combination of shades of stones with a base coating that harmonizes them, you can achieve such an expected spectacular result of imitating the jewelry on the nail plate:

  • the radiance of a sapphire, a deep saturated color that fills the faceted stones of rhinestones in their different formations and calibrations, is perfectly embedded in the base of the nail coating, made in white. The pure primordial beauty of white shades beautifully shades the glare of the imitation sapphire, acting in such a stupefying way on those around with its expensive shimmering;
  • emerald’s luster – no less grandiose is the effect of an abstract or accentuated form of green catchy rhinestones on a fiery yellow pigment surface. The combination of green and yellow is a rather successful variation of color composition, especially if it is an illusory improvisation of laying emeralds on expensive yellow velvet;
  • nobility of opal – the aristocratic graded color of faceted opal on the background of resinous black gloss looks not just expensive, it looks royally luxurious. Such nail design not only will not go unnoticed at a social gathering or a party, it will make others look at it delightfully, not allowing to come off even for a moment, charming with highlights of bright red color on a flawless black base.
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