Trendy nail art 2022 for short nails


Today’s fashion trends are absolutely not categorical in terms of the length of marigolds. Moreover, the most impressive trends are made not only for thickened nails, in the latest trends of nail service there is an increasing interest in the delicate, elegant short nails.

Nail-Art-Designs magazine responds to the most fashionable ideas of nail art and offers its readers, who prefer a short manicure length, photo novelties, which, without any doubt, will make a woman’s image even more cute and captivating to the fingertips.

Getting the effect of grooming, styliness and neatness of the image is worth taking care of a quality coating for manicure and decoration material. This article is not aimed at advertising the products of any manufacturers. 

Professionals of nail service through long trial and error have chosen to cover the nail plates with gel nail polishnail polish or shellac. Specialists advise not to waste time on their own experiments or save on buying nail polish at a low price. 

Coating of gel nail polish or shellac with quality characteristics significantly exceeds other offers. Choosing this type of coating for marigolds you will admire for a period of up to 3 weeks the color that does not become dull and whole coatings, without irradiated pieces. 

Another reason why we advise you to choose quality products from the total mass of fashion industry offers is the widest and most impressive range of colors. Available in a wide range of colors or bright colors.

To be fair, it should be noted that the gel varnish is represented by a more diverse range of colors, silkworm is among the best materials allows excellent quality. Illustrations to the section convince in attractiveness of colors and possibilities of gel nail polish and shellacs:

Fashionable short nail design: new photos of season 2022

It is no secret that short marigolds girls and women most often choose not only because it becomes fashionable, but also because of certain situations associated with professional features, baby care and others.

But the desire to have beautiful, well-groomed nails remains always. For this category of fashionistas our magazine has selected and presented the design of short nails. The review contains unique photo novelties, which will be a great choice or prompt you ideas for your absolutely individual image:

  • The general fashion trend is to avoid congestion in color and decor. Concise, thought-out subjects became the basis of elegance and aesthetic appeal of the design on short nails.
  • Acute design on short nails contains decoration on one or two nails in contrasting coloring. As an example, the section has a photo of black manicure with drawings of berries juicy, ripe shades of crimson and green colors, as well as a picture of a bright blue flower on white manicure.
  • Decorating with rhinestones nail art masters shift into the area of the hole or offer to “cover” completely with small nail rhinestones on the ring fingers. The smallest rhinestones and crystal crumb become harmonious design elements with drawings. 
  • Glitter and confetti will give a festive manicure, decorate the look according to the solemnity of the moment.
  • Applications made of foil pieces, configurations laid out with rhinestones, combination of underlined smoothness of ribbons and velour technique in the image are the trend.

Beautiful manicure for very short nails: top ideas 2022

Specificity of manicure with very short nails has a number of features, knowing about which you can avoid visual shortening of the nails, unsuccessful decisions:

  • The monochrome color of the nail polish coating can be any color, but still it should be remembered that a light or pastel shade does not visually shorten the nails, while the dark color can emphasize a very short length. Dark tones on square and round nail plates will visually shorten them even more.
  • Fashion welcomes minimalism and conciseness of decoration. It is better to choose the drawings with an abstract pattern, longitudinal lines, geometric shapes that have a vertical elongated shape. Fine patterned drawings look beautiful.
  • A simple and gentle jacket has a very thin white smile, the moon manicure can also be limited to a white hole.

Fashion trends are especially demanding with regard to design on short nails. It is very important to maintain a balance between the spectacular complexity of the selected techniques and elegance.

The proposed photos of 2022 novelties demonstrate the justification of complex decoration while maintaining perfect and unobtrusive stylishness of design:

  • A simple butterfly pattern on the thumb (on the example of black and silver manicure) with the help of colored strasses of different sizes and glitter has acquired a chic design. Such a job you want to see, it is completely devoid of excesses.
  • Lightweight, airy manicure with a pattern on a negative space with a background coating in the technique of vertical lobster is a hit of the season.
  • On short nails masters of nail design manage to create very complex variants of decoration, combining in a single image the technique of holographic insertion, ideas of holes with rhinestones and alternation of a white hole with a strip in the technique of negative space.
  • To visually increase the length, oval and square nail plates are decorated with vertical stripes and longitudinal geometric figures with sequins. 
  • The actual pink manicure with confetti, scattered on the colorless covering of two nails, looks nice and tender.
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