Square nail shape: new designs 2022


Square shape is not the first decade considered perfect, ideal, the most suitable form for the nail plate. Despite once quite fashionable retro nails in the form of almond-shaped plates, as well as the emphasis on the sharpened ends of the nails in the late nineties, today, approaching the naturalness and naturalness as close as possible, as well as based on comfort and aesthetics, girls prefer a square nail shape.

The fashion trends of 2022 are rapidly developing the nail infrastructure of manicure aesthetics, distributing photo-news and the best ideas for more and more refined and unusual variations of nail decoration with a square shape.

Properly selected nail design can not only decorate the hands of a beauty, but also accentuate its image in general. That is why it is quite important to choose the right manicure for both short and long nails. 

Design of square-shaped nails: new ideas with pictures 2022

It is important to understand why some variants of decoration look mediocre on one form of nails and simply unbeatable – on another. The fact that the square form is considered the most aesthetic in terms of geometry, so all the geometric echoes of the nail design, of course, will ideally look exactly on the square form of nails, for example:

  • trendy striped – dark pigment horizontal lines on a bright light background emphasize the end of the nail, made in a pronounced horizontal saw – this allows the master in modeling nail design to focus specifically on a clear parallel.

    In addition, a striped manicure is not only appropriate on a square plate, it is also quite relevant in the current year 2022 in its various colors with the exposure to contrasts – dark stripes on a light background and light stripes on the dark;
  • fashionable plaid – another particularly successful option for square nails is the design with stickers and sticky blanks in the form of cell stencils and the like; it is quite convenient to use, first of all, and very aesthetically pleasing from the side of coincidence of parallel lines when laying the stencil on the nail, in the second. It is necessary to apply a light cellulose blank and fix it with a glossy finish on the previously applied bright sparkling slag – the effect is quite attractive;
  • triangular french- only the square shape allows you to make a French manicure on your nails in this format; applied as a base transparent gel nail polish is complemented by a smile french is not in the traditional semicircular shape, and the diagonal lines with the final formation of the likeness of a triangular formation. Such a french looks unweighted and is very popular among French manicure lovers.

Nail art designs for square nail shape 2022: trends, photos

In addition to the immediate relevance of applying the nail design to the form of a nail plate must also be based on the successful combination of these two aspects. A professional master of manicure art, of course, takes into account such nuances and offers the most high-quality combinations of form and winning accessory design in the overall manicure composition:

  • frame manicure – the square shape perfectly accepts the fresh nail industry trend in the form of a frame effect on the nails. Thin, neat lines drawn in a rectangular elongated shape of a long artificially modeled square nail plate or a neat natural short nail look very accentuated, emphasizing the contours of the square nail and contrasting with the basic base coating. It is fashionable to combine a soft pink base with a deep black frame rim. Or blue-dark base with silver metallic accentuated frame borders;
  • Two-layer moon – another very successful manicure on the square shape of marigolds is their unconventional coating with different pigmented variants. This is not a classic piece of the lunar zone, but is painted in two layers two different areas of the nail: the first golden layer completely over the entire plate, the second black layer with a slight indent from the root edges of the nail. This is remotely reminiscent of a frame manicure with the only difference that the end of the nail remains intact, without the border frame.

Manicure for short, long square nails: photos 2022

If you do not take into account the strict affiliation of the nail design to the geometric outlines of the square and look only at the aesthetic superiority, you can highlight the following winning variations of the decor on the square form of the nail plate:

  • manicure with a pattern – Chinese painting or oriental strokes on the nails, imitating the patterns of mehendi, as well as the square elongated nail plate; neat delicate or beige base coating softly takes on its surface art in the form of floral and patterned images in a variety of colorful interpretations – looks stylish, fashionable and artistically aesthetic;
  • manicure with rhinestones – a perfect option for framing the nails in an elegant thematic orientation is the use of coronal or triangular stone lining in the root zone of the nail with the originally applied deep pigmented base coating. A manicure with rhinestones will probably never leave the victorious positions.
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