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Trendy pedicure in 2022 goes away from multi-layered and complex patterns, which take a long time to create. Now the main trend is minimalism. He dictates simple and uncomplicated ideas, which even novices in nail art will cope with.

The lack of a large number of details also allows you to use ideas for the design of nails and those who want to take care of the beauty of their feet. A fashion pedicure for themselves in 2022 will be selected by every woman – a choice is given to a variety of options, among which for sure there is suitable for her and it is for her outfit. Consider the main trends and photo-novelties of this season.

In the new year, several trends came at once, which correspond to different tastes and trends. So every woman will find a variety of design options for pedicure that fit her clothes and shoes.

For example, fans of the beach season will appreciate the popular pattern “in stripes”, repeating the theme of vests with a combination of white and blue flowers.

Lovers of vegetable themes also will not stay aside – for them there will be simple floral motifs and easy monochromatic solutions that also adorn nails with soft shades. All what ladies need to do – is only choose the style for 2022.

The glamor will return into fashion: the peak of popularity again takes a pedicure with rhinestones and other nail ornaments. At the same time, nail art masters should remember the necessary combination of pedicure along with classic manicure. A good solution here will be a classic French, especially since it also does not give way to positions in the fashion world.

Eternal classic in 2022 gets new outlines – instead of traditional white edging pastel shades now complement bright and even controversial colors. This option will be relevant for the city image, complemented by stylish elegant sandals.

Also in fashion will remain the technique of shellac, so that her fans will not remain offended. In the network already now you can find many fashionable designs with and without drawing, which will allow the girls not to worry about the difficulties of creating a suitable pattern.

As for fashionable colors, monochrome shades are not inferior to the position of one of the main trends. In the spring, another color range of gel varnishes is also added: bright and juicy shades from orange to turquoise become popular.

Especially it is necessary to look narrowly at red and mint – these colors will become the main ones in 2022. The following photo-novelties became popular in the network, which can not better show the main trends of the season:

In 2022 a new direction of pedicure design comes, which, undoubtedly, will find a response among young girls – a gradient. When applying gel-varnish in this technique, a smooth transition from one shade to another is obtained. In this case, the length of the transition can vary: it can be applied both within one nail, and all fingers, on which you can create an interesting color solution.

You can also use different gradient directions – this can be a horizontal, vertical and even a diagonal transition, which can play well in the design of the toenails.

On the other hand, does not lose the tendency and the allocation of each nail in a separate color. In this case, the number of colors used can not be more than five. This design of the pedicure will look bright and fresh, which will become relevant in the warm seasons. Especially good is this kind of pedicure in the summer: the girls do not have to pick colors for their shoes for a long time.

The following photo-novelties well reveal this technique:

Its relevance also preserves in 2022 one of the most popular types of nail art – the French pedicure. French has long been recognized as a universal option, which will suit any girl, regardless of where she is going – for a holiday, work or a simple walk.

Nail design in this technique will always be appropriate. The only “but” is only in the necessary length of marigolds – 2 mm, which is due to the edging. Do not forget about the adornment of the classics, especially in the new season, when any design is easily diluted with rhinestones and simple patterns.

Preferring only one tone in pedicure will not be left without attention in 2022 – following the rule of minimalism, a single-color pedicure remains in fashion. To perform this technique, gel-varnishes are usually used, which in addition to rapid drying have an even structure. One of the advantages of monophonic design is the simplicity of its implementation – it is not difficult to create such a pedicure at home.

The most popular tone will be all sorts of shades of red, which in this season occupy the top of popularity. This nail art will also be fashionable to decorate, for example, by applying a thumbnail or rhinestones to the thumb. Fans of universal colors can look at black – it will look perfect both in cold and warm seasons.

There is no doubt, a pedicure in this tone will attract increased attention. When choosing a tone for a simple design of the nails on the legs, you can stop and on the blue color, which is used alone or supplemented with various ornaments depending on the desire of the girl. In the beach season it is recommended to leave in juicy and bright colors: mint, lime, aquamarine and many others. They are well combined with summer weather. Show the main colors, suitable for any season in 2022, these photo-novelties.

Another version of the design for leg nails in 2022 will serve as a different kind of abstraction. It can be complex multicolor compositions, geometric patterns and even simple points that can be arranged both chaotically and in a clear order.

With the creation of an abstract design any girl will manage, even if she does not possess creative abilities. To do this, it will be enough to apply the base gel-lacquer and on top of it to impose what she would like to see on her nails. Of course, there are ready-made design solutions that stylists use and not only. Below are the best ideas of an abstract pedicure:

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