Spring-summer 2022 toe nail art designs, colors

Toe Nails

As any warm season, spring-summer 2022 will allow girls to show themselves in all their glory. In these seasons everything will be in sight: arms and shoulders, back and legs. The latter should be given the greatest attention – open shoes show the legs, and it is desirable that they are properly groomed.

When choosing a fashionable pedicure, girls and nail art masters should remember that it only complements the image, and not creates it from scratch. And the question always arises: what design to choose?

The ready-made variants come to the aid, which do not require much effort, although they look stylish and original. Besides, the masters often create their own designs, which would meet the current fashion trends and would give individuality to the mistress of pedicure.

The main rule of fashion pedicure for spring-summer 2022 is simplicity, individuality and creative design. Professionals offer girls a variety of styles of nail art, which will fit both to a certain image and universal. Most of the ideas are designed for nail art, which uses only a small number of colors – a maximum of five desired shades can be present on the nails.

Of the whole range of colors fashionable are only a few – it can be seen on the finished designs, in the creation of which participated professionals. The most popular is red color and its various shades. Bright and individual, it still attracts attention to himself.

Another fashion trend is blue, which is becoming especially important in summer – the beach season comes, and you can boast of the fashionable “vest” on the toes. Another summer color, which is popular with girls, is yellow.

This sunny shade in pedicure will tell you about the bright and open personality of its owner. Do not forget about the newly fashioned glamor – it brings us metal colors and all kinds of decorations for nails. Also, the mint color and its combination with red is especially noted, which will undoubtedly attract attention.

Classic black remains in fashion. All these trendy shades can be used for different types of pedicures. Let’s see which of them will decorate the nails in spring and summer 2022.

Pedicure Spring-Summer 2022: “Nude” style ideas

This style is the simplest, most universal and, most importantly, natural. Delicate pastel colors are perfectly combined with any clothes and shoes and will fit any situation, whether it is an evening out, a conference at work or a daily walk.

The most popular natural color in the spring-summer season 2022 is coffee with milk, which will suit most girls by skin tone. Other options may be soft shades of pink, as well as ivory. Everything depends on the taste preferences of a girl.

French Toe Nails: Top Ideas and Designs for Season Spring-Summer 2022

The French pedicure is still in fashion, or, as it is called more often, the French jacket. In the season Spring-Summer 2018 it is slightly modified: under a neat small strip with the edge of the nail plate are two colors. One, a natural nuance, is made from the top, and the other, any color that fits the image, is made from below.

This is the way to reveal many variants of the classic jacket, which everyone would have liked. This pedicure is also a universal one – you can go to work with it or even go out, and it will still remain relevant. In addition, the ordinary jacket is complemented with fashionable rhinestones, if desired, by placing them in the picture.

Whether it is a symmetrical edging of a strip or a curved line, it will still follow the fashion trends of 2022. Another deviation from the classics is the use of intense colors together with the French pedicure. For example, it may be deep black, blue and even green. Each of them corresponds to the fashion.

Monochrome Toe Nail Art: the Best ideas of the season

There is no need to worry and lovers of something perfect simple – for them there is also a fashion trend that suits their preferences. A monochrome pedicure will never become obsolete, at least because it can be easily done at home with the help of gel nail polish.

At the top of the popularity in the season spring-summer 2022 bright palette, which will be especially successful against a tan. In summer, you should pay attention to the nail polish in the following colors:

  • red
  • orange
  • deep pink
  • coral
  • blue
  • green
  • turquoise
  • mint

Any shades that a girl likes will also suit her. In colder periods, it is recommended to use deep saturated colors. These colors include:

  • burgundy
  • chocolate
  • black
  • dark purple
  • ink
  • and many others

According to the latest trends, when choosing a pedicure color, you should pay attention to the manicure design as well – the color scheme should not necessarily coincide. It is only necessary to remember about the compatibility of colors. For example, if the design of the nails is red, then a good option for manicure is mint.

Toe Nails Spring-Summer 2022: ideas with rhinestones

If there are not enough details in nail art, it is decorated in various ways. The most popular trend is pedicure with rhinestones. At the same time, professionals use not only ordinary white decorations, but also other shades, which makes the nail design unique. In addition, another option may be all sorts of beads and spangles, which will be especially relevant in this warm season, when they can be painted in open shoes.

Another example of decoration in 2022 are glitter varnishes – they will add shine and volume to a pedicure. The color palette remains the main – it is mint and pastel colors in spring and beige and coral blue in summer. Another good idea is a pedicure with a pattern.

Experienced designers have already gathered their collections of ideas that will be fashionable in the season spring-summer 2022. You can often see all kinds of geometry: intersecting lines, multi-faceted stars, correct triangles and other abstract objects. Another fashionable trend among the drawings is plant themes.

Many miniature flowers can be seen on the legs of girls, whether they are simple daisies or more complex roses on separate nails. Do not forget about the shellac technique – it does not go anywhere. Thus, you can give your nails a beautiful and, most importantly, the desired design on the toenails. Let’s consider the photo novelties of the best nail art decoration ideas.

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