White French nail art: new ideas 2022

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One of the signs of a well-groomed woman is her hands with neat manicure. They are the ones that everyone often pays attention to. Girls try to choose quiet colors in the manicure, so it is suitable for any occasion.

One of these options is a white french. In 2022, the french will be used by young girls and women of age. Such design will never become obsolete unlike the others, because only he can make girls’ hands so elegant and delicate. 

But fashion does not stand still and even the classics are slightly modified and adjusted to fashion. So, in 2022, the best ideas of the french will combine an unforgettable classic french and new shades in its use.

Fashion trends clearly indicate that in 2022 this nail design will use fashionable pastel colors – beige, delicate blue and pink, flesh and milk. These colors of nail polish and shellac will be actively used in the creation of the French french, or more precisely – covering the base. And for fans of bright art-fringe will be relevant orange, blue, metallic, green, red and many other rich colors.

The lovers of absolute classics will use translucent coatings in the creation of the French french. This manicure will fit any image. Often, a white french is used by girls who have to change their images several times a day. That’s why it is so loved by stars, who constantly change their clothes and don’t want to change their coatings every time.

Such nail design is chosen not only for everyday wear, but also for holidays. The main “holiday” of the French french is a wedding. The french is considered a classic wedding manicure, which adds tenderness and elegance to the bride.

The bride can choose a classic french or slightly redesign it by changing the palette. Often, girls change the classic base color to a color that is combined with other accessories.

This is also done when the wedding is created in a certain color. In such cases, the lavender, pink, gold or coral color looks great. With this combination of colors, the white stripe of French manicure will stand out even stronger and look more elegant. The manicure will look neatly, and at the same time, it will match the theme.

The original French french consists of a translucent nail and a white stripe at the end of the nail. Such a manicure easily hides flaws and problem areas of the nails, leaving their appearance natural.

The french will fit both short and long nails. The band of french for long nails and for short nails is different. This can be seen on the works of craftsmen.

On long nails you can picture a pretty wide strip of white color. But still do not overdo it, otherwise the manicure will look poor. For short nails you should choose a thin line of about 1-2 mm.

Often, a special whitening pencil is used before covering the nail plate with varnish, which also strengthens the nails. The french itself holds on to the nails for a long time and the correct toe is not damaged.

White french nail art design: new ideas 2022

Masters of nail service can draw a white french in several variants. The first variant is drawing with a special brush. A white special nail polish for the french is put on the brush and a smile of the french is carefully drawn with it.

This action is carried out two to five times to ensure that the color is bright and saturated. This work requires great care and concentration. To make the white color on the nail look even brighter, the base of the nail is covered with a top, which aligns the nail plate and smoothes out the uneven color of the nail. 

For girls who can’t draw the right white french, special stencils are created. Stencils for French manicure can be of several types, or rather forms. There is a stencil for a classic rounded French french, for triangular, square and other variations.

The white French manicure of unusual shapes is usually called Hollywood. In addition to the above mentioned forms, there is also a white beveled french. It looks quite interesting, although one has to get used to it.

White French with rhinestones and glitter design: photos 2022

In addition to the universal white french, there are other versions of this design, which added certain details that add chic manicure.

Often the french is made with rhinestones. Rhinestones are often used transparent or beige, depending on the color of the base. It is possible to use rhinestones of a different color only if this color is already used somewhere.

You can add rhinestones for each nail, but then you should use no more than 3 stones per nail. Otherwise, there will be an overload, and the manicure will look too heavy.

In another version, you can decorate only one finger with rhinestones, and make all the rest in a classic color. Such a manicure is often seen in photo novelties.

White French with a print: manicure ideas 2022

The other addition to the french will be different patterns. The french with the pattern, which is selected correctly, will shine with new colors. In most cases, brides choose drawings of flowers, butterflies, ornaments and, of course, hearts that symbolize love.

The drawing on the french will make you special, especially when you have thought over the nails design. If you do not know what to depict, we recommend you to look at the works of the masters on the Internet and be inspired there.

For long nails, in addition to a classic French french, you can add a moon one – one of the varieties of french. In this case, both a smile on the edge of the nail and a hole at the base is colored white. If you make everything neat and in the same style, the manicure will certainly be special.

French manicure or French french in 2022 – classic nail design, which simply can not spoil the appearance of hands. This manicure always means elegance and femininity of a girl. It is used both for everyday wear and for festive occasions. For each case, you can come up with your own design of a french, adding a pinch of your fantasy and imagination to the classic version.

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